Ye Open Treasure Map to Mike Leach

Ahoy Cap’n Leach,

We be remembering your work as Kentucky OC in 1998 and we know you don’t want to keep swashbucklin at CBS College Sports Network. We remember Tim Couch throwing for 400 yards and 35 pts in the Swamp when no other team that season scored more than 23. We love the Air Raid Offense and want to know if you can do for John Brantley what you have done with Josh Heupel, Kliff Kingsbury, and Graham Harrel. So here be the reasons you should come ashore in Gainesville next year.

1. Yer 2008 ship only lost one game all year and tied for first in the conference and went to a low enough bowl that Ole Miss was the opponent.

2. Once you come to Florida those scurvy landlubbers at ESPN start kissing your ass so you wont get sued by them anymore. We only care about results so feel free to bench anyones entitled son who comes through the gate.

3. We be sailin to drink our grog here amongst fellow buccaneers. And we be savings 20 pieces o’eight as a Florida Resident.

4. We be having the squiffy referees in our pocket at UF so you never have to worry about the contreversy like you had to face after the Texas game in 2007.

So what time can we pick ye up at JAXPORT, matey? Lets get loaded to the gunwales, scour for some lasses, and make a deal to take the cat o’nine tails to the SEC for years to come.

Gator Nation

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4 Responses to Ye Open Treasure Map to Mike Leach

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  2. jdubyou3 says:

    Leach as an OC = great.

    Leach as a HC = ludicrous disaster.

  3. Kyle Lilly says:

    As a Texas Texas Tech Alum, I would be the biggest Florida Gator backer in the state of Texas. However, just make sure he hires a D coordinator with a voice. If not, you will end up with 75% offensive recruits and 25% defensive recruits in every class.

    Regardless, the talent that Florida will be able to pull in would be head and shoulders above what we are able to at Tech. Leach had great success with inferior talent, and I would love the chance to see what he can do with a true powerhouse.

    Good luck!

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