Worst College Football Picks Ever

We consider ourselves savvy bettors. We watch a shitload of games Thursday through Saturday. We’ve been hardcore fans since our first days crashing frat parties back in ’92. We read a ton of articles and columns about games, players and predictions. We listen to Chad Millman’s podcasts with various wise guys. But you know what, sometimes no matter what you do, life is going to kick you in the nuts. TCU misses an extra point and fails to cover. Georgia turns the ball over five times, including their final drive that would have won the game. Them’s the breaks. So we’ve compiled a wretched 12-16-1 record that would get you fired even at Mississippi State.

All we can say is we’re trying. Our problems are correctable. We will work harder and make progress each week. We’re getting better, even if it doesn’t show up on the scoreboard.

And if this continues, we’ll cede this Friday space to Rainman, Bourbon Meyer’s resident Thursday night gambling savant. We’re not Steve Addazio over here, we know when it is time to scrap the original and try something new.

Onto the picks:

Mich St +4.5
Stanford -9.5
Oregon St +9
Florida St +6.5
Bama -7.5
Oregon -36
Auburn -6.5
Oklahoma State -24.5 (Friday night special)

**Footnote… when close to a major number, we buy the half point or point… we can’t stomach losing at 7.5 or 36.

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2 Responses to Worst College Football Picks Ever

  1. Ian G says:

    Whachy’all think about that Clemson-UNC game?

  2. Sam McCorkle says:

    I’d lean Clemson but frankly it is a stay away. No value in the line.

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