What is Chomp Chat?

The term “Gator Nation” is often used to describe the close knit family-like atmosphere of being a part of the University of Florida culture and “way of life”. It’s a big draw, and it creates an incredible feeling to be a part of that legacy.

Here’s a dirty little secret: that close knit family-like atmosphere does not always necessarily extend to the journalists and fan blog sites that cover the University of Florida. Whether its the pressure to break the story first or take a new angle on an existing story or just general personality conflicts these rifts are noticeable through sniping via social media or flat out ignoring the existence of another Gator entity; some folks just do not get along. And I think we can all agree that that is NOT what Gator Nation is about. The ones most hurt by this are the Gator fans, whether they are aware of it or not.

As an exercise in co-operation, in an effort to heal wounds, but most importantly to provide more value back to Gator Nation as a whole….”Chomp Chat” was born. Chomp Chat started as a formal twitter chat utilizing the #ChompChat hashtag. Gators fans online can submit questions the day of the chat or even during the chat and have them answered by various journalists and fan sites that follow the Gators religiously.

Chomp Chat has become widely popular and has already been praised by Gatorzone, the official Florida Athletics website, and current/past athletes. The third instance of the chat is happening this week with @OnlyGators, @AlligatorArmy, and @OurTwoBits answering your questions. Please join us…


In an effort to continue the good will and offer a non-social media related platform, a Chomp Chat podcast has also been launched. The first episode hit the internet this week and features University of Florida students Lucas Dolengowski and Morgan Moriarty, along with Andy Hutchins from AlligatorArmy.com and Scott Francis from OurTwoBits.com.  Gator fans can find the audio here…

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