Well done Friday, the bar is high for Saturday

Is there any chance Saturday can provide an encore to what was one of the most dramatic and entertaining college football days ever? The pain felt in Boise and Tuscaloosa is unrelenting and probably feels like close to death but the rest of the country experienced only joy. The top three teams in the land, all trailing in the 2nd half. What are the ingredients for a perfect day of college football? One incredible comeback on the road in a blood feud to keep national title and Heisman hopes alive? Check. A second comeback in the rain to ensure an undefeated season and BCS berth will be on the line in the Civil War next week? Check. And one amazing finish with a hail mary completion with one second left followed by not one but two missed field goals and an upset of  the most hated underdog program ever in the history of sports? Check.

If you are one of the three regular readers of this site, you know I was pretty passionate about Boise State yesterday in reference to Ohio State president Gordon Gee’s comments. Well, Boise lost but the message remains the same. The BCS is a cartel. It is a thug-run system and the bullies don’t want anyone crashing their party. Until that changes, college football’s championship is a joke. Boise or no Boise.

Back to today. Sonny Beam and I have been handling the weekend picks this season. We started out collaborating but the results were mediocre (.500). Since we’ve split, however, we’ve gone 6-0 on picks we’ve 100 percent agreed on. We road tested the theory yesterday to a big payoff on Auburn’s comeback. And the point was proven yet again when Sonny liked Boise and I said Nevada would cover. So we’re offering up just a couple of picks that we whole-heartedly agree on today.

Oklahoma +3 – The Cowboys and Sooners are pretty evenly matched. It’s a rivalry game and the home team is favored by 2-3 points on most sites. That sounds about right, not much value on either side. But we both think this is a game the Sooners usually win and the Cowboys usually lose.

Michigan State -1.5 – Going against what I’ve seen the sharps doing. They like Penn State. But Sonny and I have loved Dantonio’s balls all year. They’ll finish it out and keep those Rose Bowl hopes alive.

Ohio State -17 – The Vest will show no mercy in this one, knowing his team’s best shot at Rose Bowl is to jump over Wisconsin in the standings.

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