Week 2 Top 25 and Top 5 Worst Uniforms

What the hell has gotten into the people in charge of outfitting college football teams? Oregon has some success in the Pacific Northwest wearing color combinations you would see 17-year-old tweakers sporting at raves and all of a sudden everyone has to start looking like XFL teams? I thought my television was going to explode on Saturday night watching Boise State and Georgia strut down the catwalk. And then along came Maryland Monday night.

The top 5 worst uniforms of this past weekend:

1. Maryland – those uniforms told a thousand stories. My personal favorite was a tale of lust and betrayal between a farmer and a local businessman in Scotland in 1624.

2. Georgia – I can only imagine the tobacco spitting venom UGA fans are spewing for Mark Richt right now. A losing season last year, a stink bomb in the first game of the year on the big stage and those abominations called helmets and jerseys.

3. Boise State – how can you go wrong with orange and blue? Oh, that’s how.

4. Oregon – No ugly top 5 is ever complete without the Ducks. Memo to Chip Kelly: don’t pack the neon yellow when you are playing an SEC team.

5. Florida State – Garnet and Gold? Goodness that’s hideous.

Onto this week’s Bourbon Meyer Top 25… lots of movement within our poll from last week. We’re rewarding those who deserve it, with the exception of the Seminoles who will only rank in the top 10 after someone types it using our cold, dead hands. Or after a few more impressive wins.

1. Alabama
2. Boise State
3. LSU
4. Oklahoma
5. Stanford
6. Oklahoma State
7. Wisconsin
8. Arkansas
9. Virginia Tech
10. Texas A&M
11. Florida State
12. South Carolina
13. Nebraska
14. Mississippi State
15. Oregon
16. Ohio State
17. Florida
18. Baylor
19. Michigan State
20. South Florida
21. West Virginia
22. Arizona State
23. Missouri
24. Texas
25. Michigan

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