Using my Pac-10 Powers for Evil

Once again the Pac 10 separated me from my money. 12 losses in a row. If you consider each game a coinflip, losing twelve in a row had a 1 in 4092 chance of happening. If you consider my win rate in non Pac 10 college football this season is 55.3% then you are looking at 1 in over 15,000. Is this just me having very bad luck? No, its worse than that. Is it me being a terrible gambler? Probably more likely, but even then, it is hard to be this bad. Is it a sign that I can change the fates of Pac 10 teams by betting on them? We are about to find out.

Lets use this space to get TCU into the national championship game. I want Auburn to score 60 on them to end the non BCS conference arguments for the next few years. I am going to use my gambling ability to knock Oregon out of National Championship contention. Oregon is currently -641 to win against Oregon State this week. They are favored by 16.5 points and have everything in the world to play for. Well I am putting down 641 bucks to win 100 for Oregon to win straight up. Either I finally get a win while betting on Pac 10 games or I get my revenge on the conference by costing them $15 million BCS dollars. I see it as win win. Actually it is win win win because my loyal readers now have the chance to put money down on Oregon State at over 6to1 to pull the upset.

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2 Responses to Using my Pac-10 Powers for Evil

  1. James says:

    The non-BCS argument is essentially over by 2012, anyway. With Utah and TCU flipping sides, the ‘non-BCS’ argument really just means ‘does Boise go undefeated’. The ‘BCS busters’ have all gone mainstream!

    Unless June Jones works his Hawaii magic at SMU, Houston stays hot, Hoke stays in San Diego and/or BYU as an independent does what they were never able to do, I don’t see any of these other non-BCS guys rising up any time soon. And if recent history is any indication, as soon as they start to be legit, they’ll just get absorbed again. The 2012 MWC, for all their realignment noise, will be worse than the 2009/2010 MWC.

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