Urban Meyer to OSU – A Gator Nation Poll

Can these two be in the news any more the past few weeks?!?!

Rumors are flying (this bloggers opinion is it is imminent) that Urban Meyer is going to be the next head coach of The Ohio State University. Urban Meyer told Pat Dooley, “If there is a decision to be made concerning Ohio State, there will be a lot that will go into it. But right now, there is no decision to be made.” he also told him….“I love football. It’s what I am. I miss it.” Feel free to read more of Pat Dooley’s ironically titled Meyer denies reports of Ohio State job“.

So how is Gator Nation supposed to feel?!?!? Scorned? Happy for Urban? Bourbon Meyer, as a group, is heavily conflicted on what Meyer’s future coaching decision should mean to Gator Nation. Bourbon Meyer’s own Shawn Kopelakis wrote a pretty scathing write up accusing Urban Meyer of lying to Gator Nation if he takes a coaching job next season. Our own, Scott Francis has a rebuttal post.  BUT, if we are so conflicted internally as a blog site, then perhaps Gator Nation is just as divided (our twitter mentions suggests that people are conflicted). Take our poll…let’s see….

As a Gator, will you feel betrayed if Urban Meyer takes another coaching job in the 2012-13 season?

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3 Responses to Urban Meyer to OSU – A Gator Nation Poll

  1. robert c. says:

    Take a trip down memory lane and recall when Gator footbal first became relevant. Fact is, with great respect to all of the good people of Gator nation, Ohio State is a better job. You should fire Muschamp and go get an Ohio coach. Just don’t get Ron Zook.

  2. George says:

    A lot can happen in a year. If he wants to go on to coach again, than let him. I will always be grateful for what he did for us during his tenure here at UF. It will just be that much nicer when we beat Ohio Sate again in the future!

  3. Mike says:

    He has lost my respect. if he wanted out because the pressure was too much he should have manned up and said so not blame health problems. He should have fired Adazzio and moved forward. How does he think there will be less pressure at OSU? Thanks for Tim and two Championships, enjoy the winters feel free not to come back.

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