Uniform Drama & Chomp Chat Episode 3


Florida had an incredible first game. Excitement in every quarter. A 65-0 drumming of Eastern Michigan. Florida “kicks-off” its SEC Schedule against Kentucky on Saturday at 7:30pm on SEC Network. For a solid recap of the Eastern Michigan game and what to look forward to against Kentucky, please listen to the 3rd installment of the “Chomp Chat” podcast.



Some uniform news. Because some people actually care about what their favorite football team wears. The rumor on social media is that the Florida Gators will be breaking out the Orange Jerseys for Kentucky. Students and fans are calling for an Orange Out. We’ll see if there is official news from the program later in the week on the topic. Don’t buy into the curse of the Orange Jerseys. ¬†Florida should be able to beat Kentucky for the 28th time in a row playing in their underwear.

And for even more ridiculousness, take a look at what the Tennessee Vols are going to wear against Florida in a few weeks (Editor’s Note: This is the retail version of the jersey that that Vols plan to wear.)…


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