Top 25 Shaking Out

Does Tim Tebow wear Trey Burton pajamas? Was that the most unexpected legendary performance in Gator history? Before Saturday night, we’d venture to guess at least half of all Gators fans had never heard of Burton. Now, he’s likely the most popular player on campus. Can you imagine the trim he pulled the past 48 hours? Damn.

Unfortunately, Darth Saban and the evil Tide empire loom in five days. Which brings us to this week’s BM poll. The Tide’s remarkable comeback, although much aided by the charity of Ryan Mallett, keeps them on top. Despite what our eyes are telling us, we will never be able to buy into Ohio State, Terrell Pryor and the Vest. We’ve seen too much firsthand and know what fear lies in the hearts of Big 10 men. Oregon and Nebraska have looked like perhaps the most complete teams in the country but the competition screams at us like four-year olds early on a Sunday morning. Florida sits in the top 10 for perhaps the final week this season, you know since we have no chance against Bama and will surely lose by 30 points.

A few other notes in the rankings… how good is Stanford? If we go back to that transitive property we talked about last week, the Cardinal would have beaten Texas by 57. Other teams we’re buying – Miami, Utah and Nevada. Teams we’re selling – LSU (Gary Crowton is doing more damage to Louisiana than Big Oil), Wisconsin and Texas (another offensive coordinator on the chopping block).

1. Bama
2. Ohio State
3. Oregon
4. Nebraska
5. Boise State
6. Florida
7. TCU
8. Stanford
9. Oklahoma
10. Auburn
11. LSU
12. Miami
13. Arizona
14. Utah
15. Wisconsin
16. Arkansas
17. Michigan
18. South Carolina
19. Penn State
20. USC
21. Iowa
22. Nevada
23. Texas
24. Michigan State
25. NC State

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