“Tim Tebow’s Fire” by John Parr

Listen the Tim Tebow phenomena is amazing. It’s a great testament to hard work and determination. And most of all it makes us here at Bourbon Meyer ecstatic to be Gators. Tebow-mania has begun to spread to the music world as more and more aspiring artists are inspired by Timmy. We brought you one the other day…“Do the Tebow”. But it is quite unusual for a grammy nominated artist to re-record their hit in honor of someone…let alone a football player. But that is just what John Parr did. 80’s rocker (term used loosely) re-recorded his hit “St. Elmo’s Fire” (Yes from the movie) and renamed it “Tim Tebow’s Fire”.

Can’t make this up. In fact here are some of the re-worked lyrics. “You know I’m out there/Down on one knee/A prisoner/And I’m tryin’ to break free.” which references “the kneeling” motion Tebow’s been making. And even better in the chorus…”I can see a new horizon/Underneath the blazin’ sky/I’ll be where the eagle’s/Flyin’ higher and higher/Gonna be a man in motion/All I needs my Broncos team/Take me where my future’s lyin’/Tim Tebows fire.” But don’t take our word for it…have a listen for yourself…

John Parr also released another song called “Just A Man” also inspired by Tim Tebow. Don’t expect it to hit the Top 40 charts any time soon.

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One Response to “Tim Tebow’s Fire” by John Parr

  1. Mason says:

    Notice he kept the lyric, “I can feel St. Elmo’s Fire burning in me!” Would have been great if he would’ve changed that one as well!

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