Tim Tebow Bill Fails

In early 2007, Tim Tebow was featured in an “Outside The Lines” report on homeschooled athletes seeking equal access to play in high school athletics. Laws on this topic vary from state to state, but in the state of Florida Tebow was allowed to play.  Here is Tim Tebow celebrating with his public school counterparts at Nease High School:

Many states have begun to start their own legislative campaigns to allow home schooled students to play public high school athletics. Many choosing to name the legislation after the Gator Great and current Denver Broncos QB.

Currently only about 15 states allow home schooled children to play public school sports.  For one State, the hopes of “home schoolers” playing public high school sports took a huge blow yesterday. The state of Virginia’s Education and Health committee voted 8-7 kill to the “Tim Tebow bill”.

The meeting room in Richmond, Virginia was packed with home schoolers and parents hoping that the bill would pass, but instead it was put down.  Sen. Richard L. Saslaw, D-Fairfax said, “Every parent of every child in this room has a choice. They know what the ramifications are.”  He also went on to say that if the bill passed, home-schoolers would soon be back demanding access to public school labs or other facilities.

Here at BourbonMeyer.com we are conflicted. Obviously home schooling paired with public school sports could be an avenue for parents and students to focus on sports and ignoring education.  But there are plenty of other avenues, as well to escape the rules.  For now, let the kids play.

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4 Responses to Tim Tebow Bill Fails

  1. john weston says:

    Anti-Christian vote by another bunch of flaming liberals. Parents of home-schoolers pay taxes, too, so why should they be denied access to what their taxes help pay for?

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