Thursday Night Pac-10? Who cares

So this post is going up a scant 2 hours before game time for one simple reason. I had no idea there was a game tonight until I just happened to see it on my DVR schedule. The football season ended for me like two weeks ago. The Pac 10 has been dead to me for a month. But to be perfectly honest, I dont have NFL network and I cant watch the first 45 minutes of an NBA game so even though I am giving 5 points with the Heat I will only be checking in occasionally on that one. I need NCAA football, I cant say bye. Even when it is the PAC 10, I cant quit you.

First my usual disclaimer. As you may remember from two weeks ago, I am currently 0-12 when betting Pac 10 games this year. I hate them. They play flag football out there. The games are on late and I cant stay up for the second half. I dont even usually find out my money is gone until Sunday morning. The conference as a whole annoys me. I hope California breaks off and floats into the ocean and they have to divide the conference up.

So the game is currently Arizona -5 over Arizona State. I have no idea what will happen. Vegas apparently doesnt know either cuz thats a BS line. I bet against Arizona earlier in the year and lost so I am going to back them this time. I watched the first half of the game against Iowa and Arizona dominated the first half at home. They won that game by a TD and Iowa is a better team than Arizona State so Arizona will win this one by a touchdown too. That is my pick and I’m placing the bet online as we speak. So do what you want with that information. If you fade me I understand, but I might have to pick every Pac 10 game left on the season until I win one. I wont have to do that as tonight is the night.

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  1. The Show says:

    You do suck at PAC-10 games….ASU 1pt winner. :: laughs ::

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