Thursday Night Easy Money

So after last Thursday’s debacle in which I extended my Pac 10 losing streak to 11 picks in a row, we are gonna jump back on the right side of the line this week. I promised you, you would be heading to the bank last Friday. I just didn’t know you would be going to the ATM so your bookie didn’t take out your kneecaps.

This week is an easy match up. FSU is a 4 point favorite at NC State. You may remember that I liked Cincy at NC State earlier this year so I sure do like FSU at NC State. Long story short, FSU is back this year. They got blown out at Oklahoma like a lot of teams do but have been taking care of business otherwise, including a butt whipping of Miami. Don’t underestimate the difference between a new Jimbo Fisher coached team and an aging Bowden coached team. Complacency is gone and FSU is going to win this conference. While we are aware that FSU is 2-8-2 in their last 12 games as a road favorite of 3.5-10 points, they should be favored in this game by 6-7 and we expect them to win this game by 7.

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