Thursday Night Donation

Two bad weeks in a row but we remain optimistic because we are still upbig on the season. Tonight gives us Va Tech vs Ga Tech. We have already seen what Va Tech can do in a big time night game when they laid a turd as the nation rooted them on against Boise. So I don’t like them in Thursday night games. They are favored by 13 and we are gonna take those points. Also speaking of laying a turd, I had a good one the last time I went to Varsity in Atlanta which makes me like GaTech even more. This one is gonna be a rock fight so noone generates enough offense to win by 2 TDs. Speaking of rock fights, we like the under 56. Both schools tend to go under on Thursday night games and this one will be no different. Mark it down, Va Tech 24 Ga Tech 17.

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4 Responses to Thursday Night Donation

  1. The Show says:

    Right on point! Great 4th quarter though. OT would have murdered your over pick. Lucky for you GT was forced to pass and they don’t do that so well. What’s your total record for the season now?

  2. Rainman says:

    8-5 on Thursday night games, 1-0 on Gator games.

  3. Tself says:

    The nation rooted them (VT) on against Boise State? Maybe the resentment-filled redneck part of nation did, but most rational human beings like Boise State and hate the BCS.

  4. Rainman says:

    Hell yeah the nation rooted against Boise State. That line swung from Boise State favored by 3 to Va Tech favored by 1.5. Do you know how much money has to come in on Va Tech to swing a line 4 points through 0? Needless to say Vegas was very happy with the result when Boise won.

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