Thursday Night – 19Miami at Pitt

We are gonna rebound tonight from last weeks Thursday night loss when we bet a game we didnt feel strongly about. This week we have a bet against what the squares love to do. And this week we are investing the winnings as part of two prong investment strategy I call hookers and blow, cuz these old farts are depressing as shit lately with their tales of trips to Trader Joe’s and hanging out with 4 year olds. This week we channel our inner LT and take trips to Prop Joe’s and hang out with 16 year olds. That’s right Chris Rainey, younger women.

We are showing the game with Miami as a 3.5 point favorite and squares love to bet on a team with a number next to its name on the ESPN scroll. We know better and know their is value in an unranked team at home against a ranked team so we want Pitt and the points. We love homedogs. We know that Dave Wannstandt has been steadily improving the athletes that go to Pitt and that this team had a number next to its name not too long ago, and might again next week.

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