The Gator Grind’s Best Video Yet: Starring Marissa King


A little over 18 months ago a Gator Student Athlete website launched called “The Gator Grind”Β (website | twitter). The site is touted as the voice of the Gator Student Athlete, and allows for a sneak peak into their athletic lives. To be honest the content has always seemed to be a bit lacking, but they are busy student athletes and I can not imagine trying to juggle school, a full time job (being a scholarship student athlete), family/friends, and now blogging/video blogging. With that being said they just release probably one of their most interesting videos. And let’s hope they do more of these!

Watch Marissa King (twitter), who happens to be aΒ Great Britain Olympian, World & European team member, and Gator Gymnast strap a GoPro to her head and go nuts in the gym.

Warning you may get a little sea sick. Check it out….

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