The biggest Gator fan with the biggest heart: Jay Ryon’s story

Editor’s Note: Earlier this week a little boy named Jay Ryon went viral within the University of Florida community. When his Aunt tweeted the picture below. Lots of special Gator-related things are about to happen for Jay, and we for one are ecstatic for him!!!



In the midst of college football season we get caught up in the hype of our affinity for sports and we sometimes tend to forget the important things in life. We forget that life is bigger than football and records and rivalries. What 8 year old Jay Ryon has shown me is that life is much bigger than anything I could have ever fathomed.

Jay Ryon was a kid that loved going to Disney World, playing soccer, being a cub scout, and of course, he is a huge Gator fan. Saturday’s in the Ryon household were filled with cheers of orange and blue. Jay grew up, like many other kids in Central Florida, idolizing Tim Tebow and loving Gator football. Jay’s parents, Maggie and Nick Ryon took Jay to Gator games and Orlando Solar Bear hockey games regularly. Jay was a normal young boy that loved sports and being outdoors. He was so full of life and joy with twIMG_25711o loving parents, spending weekends at his uncle’s house in Homosassa and playing with friends.

In January 2014, life threw Jay and his family a curveball that many never even think could be possible. Little Jay Ryon had a bruise on the back of leg that wouldn’t go away. It looked different than a normal bruise and it concerned Jay’s parents, Maggie and Nick. They took Jay to his pediatrician to have it looked at. His doctor sent Jay to get blood work and some x-rays done, but assured Maggie and Nick that it was all precautionary. The x-rays came back negative and blood work was normal. But after some further testing Maggie and Nick got news that would change their lives forever. Jay Ryon was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at 7 years old. The doctors discovered that his blood had so much cancer in it that Jay was considered high risk and his cancer was so severe that he needed to begin treatments immediately. He was immediately admitted into Florida Hospital and given 3 blood transfusions and chemotherapy treatment.


Jay and his parents were taking on the toughest opponent anyone can face in life. Not even Gator greats like Kevin Carter, Javon Kearse, Brandon Spikes, or Jack Youngblood could be prepared to stop this. Jay’s parents looked to their faith in God to help get them through a tragedy only seemingly real in parents’ worst nightmares. Jay has received over 800 doses of chemotherapy and has spent 122 nights in the hospital since being diagnosed. While other kids are enjoying picnics and playgrounds, little Jay Ryon was enduring something that is indescribable. It was through Jay’s love of the Gators and Florida football that kept his spirits high during these most trying times. Jay in his hospital bed, decorated with Gators colors, would dream of one day meeting Tim Tebow and playing quarterback at the University of Florida just like his hero did. Jay has an unbelievable support system starting with his parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and the UF family.

In May 2014, Jay and his family got some refreshing and incredible news. Jay’s cancer had gone into remission. After tears, sadness, and heartbreak there was finally hope. God had answered their prayers. Hopefully Jay would soon be able to resume the normal life he had once enjoyed and the life he deserved. After more months of preventative chemotherapy doses, Jay had a setback. In February of this year Jay was bitten by a fire ant, and due to his weakened immune system, Jay had a serious infection. Jay would receive a course of antibiotics that would last 107 days and he had to cease his chemotherapy doses due to the infection. Jay is now 8 years old and has since recovered from that horrific infection and is on tract to being “cancer free” in less than 2 years. Jay still receives monthly chemotherapy doses and is still battling a giant that only David could slay.

Jay has not been able toIMG_25691 attend any football games in 2 years due to his weak immune system and treatments, but his family is hopeful on taking him to a game later this year when the Gators host Vanderbilt in The Swamp on Saturday, November 7. Gator football has been such an important part of Jay’s story and that is why it needs to be shared with Gator Nation. We are more than sports, books, and colors. We are a family.

I hope we can all learn a lesson from hearing Jay Ryon’s story: no matter what you think may be important going on in your life right now….. life is much bigger than you could ever imagine. Much, much bigger.

A special thanks to Jay’s “Aunt Kathryn” for assisting me in writing this piece.

If you want to help Jay and his family, they have established a GoFundMe.


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3 Responses to The biggest Gator fan with the biggest heart: Jay Ryon’s story

  1. Courtney Holloway says:

    Hi, I’m Courtney Holloway CEO of Ka’Lab World Entertainment, I’m very touched by this story cause I’ve lost family members due to cancer and I’m amazed at the strength of this young man. God is Good. I’m also a big fan of the Florida Gators and we did a song back in 2012 called Gator Nation and we shot a video of it that year and it also played on the radio at Kiss 105.3 in Gainesville. I have a new song called (Gator Nation II – The Revamp) and would love to involve Jay in anything we do for song. I’m so amazed at how strong you are Jay! You’re my hero cause you give me strength through my health situation. I have a heart disease and the doctor told told me back in March 2015 that I only have a year to live and it brought me down so I put a hold on the Gator song til now. We will start preparing to shoot this video very soon. I would love to have to involve Jay and his family in this final Gator song. Please if you will email me so we can talk. You’re very special Jay! Go Gators!!!!

  2. Maggie Ryon says:

    Hi! I’m Jay’s mom. My is email is if I can help get you any info on Jay let me know. Thank you!!

  3. Julia says:

    Jay is very lovely boy. Love!!

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