Thanksgiving NCAA action

So with the Big 12 playin tonight we have a chance at coming out ahead. Texas is a 3.5 point underdog at home. Sounds ridiculous when you say it aloud but Texas has just not been Texas this year. Texas A&M is playing well. THey upset Nebraska last week, and I think they win by a TD on the road in Austin. The same Texas team that played Oklahoma close and beat Nebraska got blown out by Kansas State and Oklahoma State and now after today’s loss will not be bowl eligible. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

And while I have evveryones attention, I want to point out something that many of you have probably noticed. The SEC might be the worst conference in basketball this year, and its not even particularly close. The three ranked teams all have big losses already. Florida got blown out by Ohio State, Kentucky got blown out by Washington, and Tennessee lost an exhibition to Division II Indianapolis. Auburn has already lost to Samford, Campbell, and UNC Asheville and might be the worst team from a major conference in the country. Alabama lost to St Peters and LSU lost to Nicholls State. Just remember this when turning in your NCAA tourney brackets in March. Some of these teams are going to be hyped because they have 22 wins including 12 in conference (I’m looking at you Georgia with your 2 point win over Mississippi Valley State). They will get upset in the big dance, Its just a matter of if it will be in the first round or the second.

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