Taking Bets – Thursday Night NC State vs Cincy

So ESPN apparently didn’t care about its ratings for tonight’s game cuz they are airing a stinker. I am trying to think of intriguing story lines to hype the game but it is tough. NC State was almost talked about as a sleeper for a move to the SEC. It extends the SEC reach up north a little bit more, although it doesn’t really get to any college football markets. Most importantly they don’t piss off South Carolina, Georgia, or Florida by adding another team from their state. Neither of those reasons is enough to change the fact that they suck at football. So on that note we are going to take Cincy -7 in this game based entirely on NC State sucking. The Bearcats were actually a good little line mover last week as they drubbed a terrible Akron team. NC State on the other hand, has not covered a spread yet this season. They stink, take Cincy.

Also this line has moved 2-3 points up in the past week. If you like to ride the waves of the sharks, take the over 61. After my OK State debacle from a few weeks ago, I am staying away from the over/under but I can’t stress enough how much NC State stinks.

Edited to add: Oddly enough, I got a voicemail while I was typing this from someone selling their handicapping services for only $159 per month. He likes the under as his free pick of the day. So take that for whatever it is worth.

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