Taking Bets – Thursday Night Football

It is pretty exciting to be back to the college football season, so what better way to celebrate than by making some friendly wagers with our buddies the offshore casinos? ESPN’s first game of the week features a young young young UNLV team traveling to Wisconsin to get completely bludgeoned by the mighty Badgers.

UNLV is currently a 35 point underdog and I am a pretty huge square so I am taking Wisconsin to cover. To be perfectly honest, I am not going to bet the game at 35 but I will be hitting my refresh button all night waiting to see if it moves to 34.5. Squares like me love the big favorite and I think the sharps will come swooping in at the last minute to get some UNLV +35.

Why will Wisconsin cruise? UNLV has 31 freshman, 26 sophomores, and 34 upperclassmen on their roster. I am guessing most of these guys have never even been out of Nevada, let alone gone up to dreary beer scented Wisconsin. They will be starting at least 3 freshman offensive linemen. And the deserts of Nevada don’t breed big corn fed Big 10 boys like they will be seeing tonight. The Wisconsin offense dominates to the tune of the 35 point victory but I say the defense creates at least one touchdown for themselves and that will lead them to cover. I am so worried about the UNLV offense that even though I think Wisconsin gets 42 points or more in this game, I am not touching the over/under of 56. It is gonna be a blood bath and I don’t think UNLV will even sniff the end zone tomorrow night.

So for our first big bet of the season, its hip to be square, gimme the faves -35 at home.

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