Taking Bets – Dreaded West Coast Action

After crapping the bed all last season on PAC 10 picks I have been avoiding picking that conference so far this year. Maybe my odds will improve now that they are officially the PAC 12? Who knows, but since I have been crapping the bed this entire season I am gonna go for it tonight with USC traveling to Berkeley to take on California.

First lets talk about the month’s biggest gambling related story. Someone hit a 22-team moneyline parlay a few weekends ago and it is all the rage in the gambling community. He bet 21 favorites and 1 underdog to make a whopping $21,689 on his $55 bet. He bet 3 baseball games, 1 NFL game, 2 rugby matches, 4 tennis matches, 2 soccer matches, and 10 NCAA football games. According to the website he bet on, he also hit a 14-teamer, two 15-teamers, two 16-teamers and a 21-teamer in addition to the 22-teamer. This can’t be a legitimate betting strategy can it? I’m amazed by the story and want to see an interview with the better to see how many weekends this failed him miserably. In the meantime anyone who wants to email me a 22 team parlay that wins will get a free bourbonmeyer.com tshirt. You probably have a better chance of hitting that than I do of picking a PAC 10/12 game correctly.

For tonight’s game I like USC -3.5. Cal has been bet pretty hard all week so we are getting a little discount on the bet. I like USC coming off of a bye week way more than I like CAL after getting destroyed in the second half by Oregon last week. I think USC has a little bit of value this year due to Kiffin being a better coach than people want to give him credit for. USC is 5-1 ATS in its last 6 meetings with CAL and won all 6 games outright. They will win tonight and I think it is by more than a field goal.

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