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Muschamp is Gators Real Super Sophomore

Earlier this year, I made the case that Jeff Driskel needed to join the amazing second-year quarterback legacy at Florida for the Gators to have a great season. I’ll have more on this in a moment, but the real second-year … Continue reading

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What Buckeye fans should know about Urban Meyer

There is no punchline here. I always get a kick out of people, Gator fans or otherwise, who lean forward with anticipation at the mention of Coach Meyer’s name when we speak it. It appears they are always waiting for … Continue reading


Happy Anniversary

I flew into Atlanta late on Friday. As is always the case, I misjudged how effective Marta would be at getting me into midtown and to the hotel my buddies Moerk and Sonny Beam were staying at. I ended up … Continue reading

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Is this Hell? Is this 1979? Gators Worst Season Ever… for now

I became a Florida fan in 1991. I lived in South Florida my first 17 years and was inundated with Miami and Florida State coverage throughout the 1980s. I wasn’t a fan of either program but the Gators weren’t on … Continue reading

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Revisionist History: Has Urban Meyer become Anakin Skywalker?

I have no expectations that upon completion of reading this post that I will sway your opinion one way or the other. At this point, you have likely decided how you feel about the Coach and you’ve made your stand … Continue reading


Urban Meyer to OSU – A Gator Nation Poll

Rumors are flying (this bloggers opinion is it is imminent) that Urban Meyer is going to be the next head coach of The Ohio State University. Urban Meyer told Pat Dooley, “If there is a decision to be made concerning … Continue reading


Meyer’s Decision a Stab in the Back to Gators

About the same time the Urban Meyer to Ohio State rumors started on Saturday, many of Meyer’s former players were in a 15-0 hole to Division 1-AA Furman. The Gators were being embarrassed in the Swamp in a game they … Continue reading


BourbonMeyer to Blame for Florida’s Collapse?

The facts are pretty simple for the 2011 Florida football season. This is a mediocre team. Penalties and turnovers are rampant. There are very few playmakers on either side of the ball. Entire position groups are barren (offensive line, receivers). … Continue reading

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SEC Still the Best? And the “Possible” CBS Televised Games

College Football is still about 2 months away. 2 months seems like an eternity. But it’s never too early to ramp up a little conference rivalry. The SEC is arguably the best conference in college football. There have been 13 … Continue reading

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I, for one welcome, our new Buckeye Overlords

Here at bourbonmeyer.com, we are at a crossroads of our sites existence. When the venerable Urban Meyer left the University of Florida twice in the last few years, we were shocked but determined to carry on our tradition of imbibing … Continue reading