Superman Wears Tim Tebow (Jockey) Pajamas

The sports world got its panties in a bunch this week with the news that Tim Tebow inked an endorsement deal with Jockey. Every hack, radio host and blogger immediately had an opinion on the god-fearing Tebow sporting some tighty whities in a commercial. But who said we’ll ever see Tebow in his briefs? I mean, he isn’t gonna pull a Jim Palmer and don a banana-hammock.

Tebow is going to sell the brand and I guarantee we’ll see him in nothing but t-shirts or holding up underwear. Just as Hanes doesn’t sell their product with MJ in underpants, Tebow doesn’t have to strip down to pay off Jockey’s investment. Look at the hype he’s already created without having one commercial on the air.

But above all the silliness about the undies, the big point is just how big an influence Tebow continues to be. He has left college football’s Mount Olympus and is just a mortal in the NFL’s meat market. He may never start a game at quarterback for the Broncos or any other pro team. And yet Tebow transcends. The Chosen One continues to dominate the sports landscape. He has the top selling NFL jersey since April. And a minor endorsement deal ended up being top shelf news across the internet, the radio dial and the cable box.

Imagine how much the haters will grind their teeth if and when Tebow actually sees the field and succeeds in the National Football League?

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3 Responses to Superman Wears Tim Tebow (Jockey) Pajamas

  1. Chris Weathers says:

    If he’s gone this far… what’s to stop him from going one more layer down?

  2. Lakis says:

    It’s a good point but for some reason our puritan values see nothing wrong with men without their shirts. It isn’t seen as unseemly. I think shirt-less Tebow is very different than briefs-clad Tebow.

  3. Kory says:

    The only reason Tebow doesn’t do proper underwear ads is because of his very, very small endowment. It’s like a baby’s thumb.

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