Still a Fall Saturday, Y’all

I love the hoops talk this week from fellow contributors, but let’s not lose focus on what has been one of the most dramatic Florida football seasons in recent memory.  Does anyone know what to expect today in Nashville?  After Urban Meyer referred to the exhilirating (and quite satisfying) win over the Dawgs this past Saturday as one of the biggest wins in the past 6 seasons, are the Gators relaxing and taking the traditional SEC doormat for granted as they tend to do each November?  Or were lessons truly learned from an almost winless October?

Vandy, while far from a rabid, traditional SEC rival, has been close, too close, to knocking off the Gators many times in the past twenty years and against much stronger Florida teams.  If the Gators are anything this year, they are vulnerable with glaring weaknesses.  Vandy lost their season before the season even started when their head coach realized he was still coaching at Vandy and decided that was no way to spend his golden years.  They have little talent, no bowl hopes, and a home stadium that will be half-full with fans from the visiting team.  But they have plenty of motivation and a player’s coach most likely living out his one and only year of being an FBS head coach.

If the Gators are napping early in this game, it will be a another sphincter-tightening day of curse words and poor drinking choices.  A seemingly innocent game on a crisp, fall day in Nashville is dangerous. Tread carefully, Gators.

On to the picks…

Sam has taken the early lead since the split last week.  There is no better revenge after a break up than looking good and hooking up with someone hotter than your ex. Am I too fat?  Am I not pretty enough?

Baylor +9 OKIE ST – These teams are too similar to have a 9 point spread.  This game comes down to the wire.

Unc +10.5 FSU – I’m not convinced much has changed in Tallahassee this year.  This is the game FSU loses the past few years.  Looking for the upset in this one.

IOWA ST +17 Nebraska – Way too many points to pass on.  I’ll take a home dog that seems to be coming along as a program.

BOISE ST -21 Hawaii – I’m with Sam on this one.  Boise will win big.  Especially after a lackluster performance against La Tech.

LSU +6.5 Bama – Everyone just ignores that Bama is beatable, especially away from Tuscaloosa.  Sure LSU is suspect, but I have learned never to bet against a man that cuts deals with the devil… though, some may say that Saban is the devil.

Arizona +8 STANFORD – Zona finds away to slow Stanford down.

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