Someone shut Jay Bilas up

ESPN has turned into the biggest bunch of blowhards in the history of television. They are constantly trying to toe the line between being an informative news agency and somewhere that people can go to hear informed discussions of popular sports topics, but today’s selection coverage has gone completely over the line.

I speak specifically of a show entitled “Bracketology” that aired immediately following the selection show from CBS. ESPN has apparently decided that the selection committee is useless and they should be the ones making the bracket. I understand that there is always going to be a debate amongst the experts as to who should be in the tourney and which teams should be on the bubble, but read a few of the statements expressed on this show. These statements are direct quotes showing that these ESPN anchors apparently think they should be the ones deciding the championship bracket. I rewound the DVR to get the exact quotes and hopefully people will see how over the top ESPN is this year.

Jay Bilas – “There is a reason why we haven’t talked about either one of those teams (UAB and VCU) at all. They were not mentioned in any of this discussion. Has anybody ever mentioned them? They weren’t even mentioned as a good win by anybody.”

So Mr. Bilas, you are saying that teams should not be in the tourney because the so called experts at ESPN have not been mentioning them? If ESPN doesn’t talk about a team, then they must not be good enough? Poor form sir. He then went on to proclaim that the NCAA committee needs more “basketball people.” He wonders if the committee even knows that the ball is round. Stop asking like such a douche Bilas. We get it dude. You played at Duke, you cover basketball for a living. Then of all things, Dick Vitale starting making a pitch for Bilas to join the committee next year. Normally I would dismiss Vitale as the ramblings of an old man and a big fan but tonight, he was the last straw.

“These were bad decisions and we talk about the eye test. Well this one fails the laugh test.” That is a quote from Mr Bilas concerning Colorado being left out of the tournament, but I say that ESPNs coverage failed my laugh test. I don’t know that I can take this coverage seriously and will not be relying on ESPN for my coverage on this issue ever again. They have overstepped the line at his point and I don’t know if I can trust them to see where this line is.

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2 Responses to Someone shut Jay Bilas up

  1. I can’t agree with you more. I’m sick of these “has-beens” deciding what’s best for the rest of us. Did anyone have George Mason as a top pick? Really?? Nope. Is Florida an overrated 2 seed? Perhaps. That’s why they go the arena and play their asses off for 40 minutes. Mr. Bilas, you sir, can suck it.

  2. T says:

    It’s all promotional/business. The NCAA doesn’t use ESPN/ABC to broadcast the tournament, and so ESPN will crticize them to downplay the tournament and its credibility. If the tournament was broadcast on ESPN/ABC, there would little or no criticism of the selection committee. It’s just ESPN’s MO, they have no journalistic integrity or credibility — EVERY aspect of their coverage is a business decision.

    Before the big SEC/ESPN contract, ESPN downplayed the SEC. The year the SEC contract came up for negotiation and after the SEC switched to ESPN’s coverage, ESPN has been promoting the SEC as the best conference in the nation…

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