SEC Still the Best? And the “Possible” CBS Televised Games

College Football is still about 2 months away. 2 months seems like an eternity. But it’s never too early to ramp up a little conference rivalry. The SEC is arguably the best conference in college football. There have been 13 games to decide the BCS Championship, and the SEC has been in it 7 times and have never lost an appearance. In fact if you believe the USC Trojan Championship should vacated then the SEC has won 6 of the last 7 (count USC and it is still 6 of 8).

This upcoming 2011-2012 seems a little bit more wide open than usual, not only in college football in general but also in the SEC.  Can Auburn reload after Cam Newton and Nick Fairley went to the NFL? Can Alabama put it together on both sides of the ball? Does LSU have anyone who can play QB? Can Florida bounce back from their “terrible” season and the loss of Urban Meyer? Can anyone in the SEC East rival their West counterparts? Will South Carolina or Arkansas make the jump to the top of the SEC? Last year Cam Newton surprisingly took Auburn to the promise-land, maybe South Carolina and their “alleged” heavy drinking QB can do the same? There are just too many unknowns. Gone are the days of SEC Heisman trophy winners (Tim Tebow & Mark Ingram) returning to lead their teams the following year. There is a lot of turn-over this year, and thus a lot of uncertainty. It’s too early still to make predictions on the outcome of games, so instead here are the probable “SEC on CBS” televised games…

Sept. 17 Tennessee at Florida (3:30) +

Sept. 24 Arkansas at Alabama (3:30)

Oct. 1 Auburn at South Carolina (3:30)

Oct. 1 Alabama at Florida (8)

Oct. 8 Florida at LSU (3:30)

Oct. 15 Alabama at Ole Miss (3:30)

Oct. 22 Tennessee at Alabama (3:30)

Oct. 29 Florida vs. Georgia (3:30) +

Nov. 5 LSU at Alabama (3:30)

Nov. 12 Tennessee at Arkansas (noon)

Nov. 12 Florida at South Carolina (3:30)

Nov. 19 LSU at Ole Miss (3:30)

Nov. 25 Arkansas at LSU (2:30) +

Nov. 26 Alabama at Auburn (3:30)

Dec. 3 SEC championship (4) +

+ announced by CBS already


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