Ryan Lochte’s battle outside the pool

Look at Lochte “flexing” his American right to capitalize on his accomplishments. Get money Ryan!!

If you follow Gator and Olympic great Ryan Lochte at all then you know that he heavily uses the (made-up) word “JEAH”. It has kind of turned into “his thing”. Lochte recently filed a trademark application so that he could start using the term on apparel, workout videos, etc. One problem, a web company specializing in search engine optimization called JEAH Communications LLC is NOT happy about Lochte’s application and they are less than pleased with his intent to use the term on everything from shirts to swimsuits.

JEAH Communications even went as far as releasing a press release detailing their disgust:

…JEAH Communications, LLC’s Managing Member, Chris Byrnes, in an interview with Oak Park-River Forest’s online newspaper, oakpark.patch.com. “We’re assuring them that as holder of a Federal Trademark on the word ‘JEAH’ since 2002 and used in commerce since 1999, we are actively pursuing the matter and we intend on protecting our trademark from any infringement or dilution.”

Byrnes and JEAH Communications, LLC sent a cease-and-desist letter to Ryan Lochte and his attorney.

You can dive into more detail in this Forbes.com article written by Darren Heitner.

Here at Our Two Bits we have experience with cease and desist letters and in general we deplore them. Congrats to JEAH Communications LLC for getting their names in the news.

If you ain’t a Gator then you are Gator BAIT!!! Here is Lochte’s brief explanation of where he got “JEAH” from…

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