Round and Round (more picks)

I knew right from the beginning that you would end up winning. I knew right from the start, you’d put an arrow through my heart.

Appropriate that another World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party is the scene for more abandonment. It was in 1997 (I think, memory is pretty foggy) that Sam was completely lost for two hours in the midst of the postgame chaos. Sam’s friends were nowhere to be found, the car was moved from its initial parking spot, no one was at the tailgate spot or the Landing. Sam began begging strangers for a ride back to Gainesville. It was a trauma that will never be fully healed. Abandonment issues will be there for life.

So Sonny has decided to take his bankroll and move on. Can’t blame him, he’s caught fire the past couple of weeks and Sam’s been a wet blanket on some of those picks. Our mundane .500 record together wasn’t enough for him. He wants to get rich, he wants fame and acclaim.

Fine. I prefer Jack anyway.

McCorkle’s Money Marks:

Arkansas -20.5 – Sonny and Sam were 4-0 last week on picks they agreed on. The Hogs look good here. 

Iowa -6.5 – Tough going against Sonny and Dantonio but facts are facts. Michigan State hasn’t won in Iowa City in 21 years. Iowa rebounds from the Wisconsin game and ends Michigan State’s dream.

Texas A&M -7 – Our weekly tip from the sharps. The Aggies received a lot of sharp money this week, pushing the line up from 5.5 to 7. Sucks  that we are late to the party but better late than never.

Kentucky +7 – Wildcats have proven themselves frisky. Mississippi State’s run in the top 25 cannot continue for much longer.

Utah -7 – Air Force was a formidible spread cover earlier in the season. But they’ve fallen off the past couple of weeks. Meanwhile, Utah has been destroying teams. This feels like the line should be much bigger so we worry about a Vegas trap here. But we were OK last week with South Carolina-Vandy and the same thoughts. We’ll let it ride again.

Ole Miss +7 – Houston Nutt nails one of these upsets every year. With all the attention on Oregon going down as the #1 team, watch out for an Auburn stumble.

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  1. soft 19 says:

    Last three post are all sports picks related. Looks like we’re turning this into a gambling blog. I like it!

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