Renee Gork

This is an open invitation to Renee Gork to join the staff of As many of you have probably heard Renee was fired form her job at Hog Sports Radio KAKS for wearing a Gator hat to an Arkansas news conference. Luckily here at Bourbon Meyer, we have an opening due to someone wearing an Arkansas hat to our weekly news recap meeting. To Dan Storrs, KAKS general manager, if you are reading this, we are willing to negotiate a trade.

Renee, we feel for you and support you in this time of need for Gator nation. No one should have to wear a Razorback hat to go listen to Bobby Petrino. The power of the UF on your cap is probably the only thing that saved you from absorbing his evilness into your head. The entire Gator nation is behind you and hope you overcome this obstacle and hit it big soon.

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4 Responses to Renee Gork

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  2. Soft 19 says:

    I wear a hat once and I’m being traded? WTF!

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