Rainey is Mr. “All Text and No Action”

So even the State Attorney’s office believes Chris Rainey is all talk (or text) and no action…

State Attorney Bill Cervone explained the decision and Chris Rainey’s plea agreement:

“Although I believe that probable cause existed for a felony charge because the facts involve an at least arguable threat, which is within the legal definition of felony stalking, the Defendant was never in a position to have acted on that threat and there is little if anything in his actions that night or in his background to suggest that he would have done so.

“Misdemeanor stalking is legally the more appropriate charge when no imminent danger was perceived or can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, and the harassing contact, not done in person, occurred in a short, compressed time period. The Victim has in fact essentially stated that she was more annoyed than threatened, and that she did not want an arrest or prosecution, only the resolution of an immediate problem.” […]

“As a result, the case is being re-cast as a misdemeanor stalking offense, which as a matter of law more closely reflects the facts involved. Since the Defendant has no prior criminal history other than an unrelated drivers license charge that was resolved with no conviction, he will be treated as any first offender would in similar circumstances and offered a deferral agreement. The terms of that agreement have been crafted to address the concerns of my office and, if complied with, will allow the Defendant and everyone else involved to move on.”

Urban Meyer has ruled Rainey out for the Alabama game, but has not ruled out a return to the team at some later point.  Bourbon Meyer’s favorite part of Rainey’s plea deal?  Rainey can have “…no hostile contact with the woman, …”  Hey Chris!  Feel free to continue your ACR, old enough to be a MILF, fling.

More details on Rainey’s plea can be found here.  And Bourbon Meyer sure hopes Rainey steps up his text game with the co-eds, otherwise he won’t be getting much “play”…oh and that goes for football “play” too.

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