Quick Love for Gators hoops

You don’t need to read the whole article, especially if you aren’t an NBA geek. But as a Gator, you should quickly jump on this link to a Grantland story from Zach Lowe. In it, he discusses some of the most effective lineups NBA teams are using in the first half of the season. The first three lineups he mentions feature Gators. That’s pretty fascinating and surely puts a smile to Billy Donovan’s face.

And speaking of smiles, scroll down the article to Zach’s likes and dislikes for a great couple of sentences on Corey Brewer. For those of us who know and love him, that passion and smile are something we’ll never forget and it is great to see it has translated to the NBA. After a rough first few years, Brewer has carved out a great niche role with the Nuggets.

I’ll have more in the next few weeks about hoops but I saw this article and wanted to get a quick link to it up.

Now please, let’s focus on hoops, fill the O-Dome and root for this current squad that once again has Final Four potential.

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  1. Always been the real NBA University. Not some factory like some other school.

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