Poll Dancing: Week 2 Bourbon Meyer Poll

Preseason rankings are only slightly less detestable than child molesters and neo-nazis. How could any writer, or even worse coach of another team, know what kind of squad Brian Kelly was going to trot out from under the Golden Dome this year? Did any of these Kreskins predict Mike Pouncey was going to make every Florida fan wonder just how hard it is to snap the ball in the shotgun? But yet, every year we look at preseason rankings as a chance to back up our team’s claim to greatness or to justify why coaches like the Zooker should be canned. And every year, after a game or two, we realize we knew nothing… well, except in the Zooker’s case.

But after the first week of games, the polls begin to show some enlightment. Writers and coaches (ahem, their SID directors) start to get that Boise State and Oregon are pretty good. They start to see that Virginia Tech and Pitt are overrated. Well, Bourbon Meyer’s pollsters are no different. We admit some early mistakes (honestly, we can’t fall for Beamer Ball every year… and stop calling it Beamer Ball… lots of teams are good on special teams) and vow to do better. Between the six of us, we watched parts of every televised game over the long weekend (well, we might have hallucinated the Florida State game since there is no way the Seminoles D allowed six points and 77 rushing yards even to the likes of Samford). So here it is, the week 2 BM poll. 

1. Alabama

2. Ohio State

3. Boise State

4. Nebraska

5. Iowa

6. Texas

7. TCU

8. Oregon

9. Miami

10. Florida

11. Oklahoma

12. Wisconsin

13. Penn State

14. Arkansas

15. Georgia Tech

16. Florida State

17. Michigan

18. Virginia Tech

19. LSU

20. Utah

21. Auburn

22. Georgia

23. USC

24. BYU

25. South Carolina

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2 Responses to Poll Dancing: Week 2 Bourbon Meyer Poll

  1. Ian G says:

    I’m sorry, but VA Tech played a lot better than UF… just sayin’ pollster…

    • Paul Sjoberg says:

      There is no doubt they “looked” better. But there is no excuse for VTech ruining college football for the rest of the year. Now we have to hear about Boise St. all year. Lame!!!!!

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