Pants on the Ground

Hey! Hey!  The power is back on, the wife is letting me sleep in the bedroom (on the floor), and we have (secretly) reloaded just in time for another wonderful fall Saturday!  So, the 2-6 record last week (11-13-1 overall) put a nice dent in our kid’s tuition plan, but that pales in comparison to the dent to his little ego for walking in on Daddy in action.  But hey, when you lose… Don’t Lose The Lesson.  Am I right?  Or am I right… Or am I right!?

The lesson, as in any case when you’re taking on the house, is not to try to take it all back at once.  We’ve taken a patient, discerning approach to this week’s games and have studied by candlelight to produce these U-Lock Guarantees of the Week:

Ohio St -17 ZOOK – Nothing makes you feel better than a big time cover on the road against the Zooker.  Seriously, OSU is running circles around this conference.  Big win.

Stanford +7 OREGON – Respect doesn’t come easy at an institution with a 1450 SAT average.  Despite our own lack of intelligence, we believe in you, Chris Knight!  May the popcorn blow through the upstairs window!  We’ll take a TD against overhyped Ducks, even if their homegrown Nike uniforms defy gravity.

OREGON ST -3 Arizona St – You may have to buy the .5 point, but this team has been put through the non-BCS Titan ringer and is ready to wreak havoc on the lesser Pac-10 foes.  Two weeks in a row on the road doesn’t bode well for the pitchforks.  Beavers take the three-prong action in stride.

Navy +10 AIR FORCE – Since Army gave it up a long time ago, the CIC trophy is on the line and there are future Marines on one side of the ball.  Eggers can’t handle it.  Navy with the upset!

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