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OurTwoBits.com was started by a group of buddies who love Gator athletics. Originally called BourbonMeyer.com the team tries to bring their own unique style via serious interviews (not many) and lots of opinion posts. Also a few of us probably reminisce about our lives and past lives in Gainesville too much.  Enjoy.

Meet the Team:

The Franchise
The Franchise originally hails from the North east and most of his professional sports allegiances are from there as well (Yankees, Jets, and Rangers when hockey existed). The Franchise has lived and worked in Gainesville for 7 of the last 10 years and has an intense loyalty and love for all things Florida Gators. You’ll find that my “insider knowledge”, much like the weatherman is correct about 10 percent of the time.

Daniel Thompson
Dan Thompson is an eighth generation Floridian and a second generation University of Florida graduate. During his time as an undergraduate, Dan worked for the Football Recruiting Office for three years and saw the Florida Gators win two football National Championships and one basketball National Championship. Dan can be found on Twitter at @DK_Thompson or @SND_Gators and is the administrator of TheGatorsDaily.com

Dustin Davis (aka Soft 19)
Soft 19 hails from the deep south, but has finally landed in the northeast after making his way across the country for education, professional pursuits and the love of inner city living.  Through his travels, he has been blessed with the opportunity to view the landscape of American sports from a variety of perspectives.  While he still holds true to “his team” he appreciates the passion of sports fans around the country.  His Texas roots have instilled a deep love of Football.  Soft 19 appreciates and enjoys all sporting events, but everything from February to September is really just something to pass the time until kickoff.  For those who are wondering, the nickname “Soft 19” has its roots at a Vegas blackjack table.  Let’s just say the rest of his table wasn’t very excited to see him hit on a certain number after he had a few cocktails.

Rainman was born and raised in Florida and only ventures outside the state when he can find odds in his favor. He lost his first bet in elementary school when Scott Norwood pushed his kick wide right, but hasn’t looked back since. He was riding high when Chris Duhon covered and in the gutters while James Harrison romped down the sidelines. He has played craps with ArchiaKaras and golf with Dewey Tomko and now is gonna share his expertise each week on SEC football. Follow him each week to find out if his wife and kids are eating spaghetti o’s or steaks come seasons end.

Morgan Moriarty

Morgan Moriarty is an Undergraduate Student at the University of Florida, majoring in Telecommunications. She can confidently say that her blood runs Orange and Blue. She is a second generation Gator, and works at the Office of Student Life with Gator student-athletes. While her team is and will always be Florida, she is a College Football fanatic. Her wedding song will without a doubt be the College GameDay theme music. After her Undergrad at UF, she hopes to have a career in Sports Broadcasting. Find her on Twitter: @moriarty343

Sonny Beam
Sonny Beam spent 8 years in Gainesville and missed not 1 Gator football home game in that span.  No hangover, on-call duty, or 4-to-5-and-glassy surf report could deter his presence in the East Stands on those special Saturdays in the fall.  Sonny was raised on Sweet Tea, BBQ, and the SEC.  He was constantly surrounded by parents, relatives, and friends that carried an unbending passion for their university’s ball team (whether they attended or not), especially on Saturdays in the fall.  On March 11, 1992, he received his acceptance letter to the University of Florida, the first of many proud days as an official Gator.  While it is obvious he loves his pigskin, Sonny holds a passion for all Gator sports.

Paul Sjoberg (aka The Show)
The Show has lived in 3 countries and 7 states; which doesn’t lend itself to too many allegiances.  But a few things are true…the lasting relationships made in Florida while in high school and college are the ones that were built for a lifetime.  Many of those positive memories and relationships center around experiences while at UF, and continue to this day.  The Show is an extrovert to a fault (just ask his wife).  There is nothing he’d rather be doing then hanging with his family and his Gator Family.  And of course an ice cold beverage is always a welcomed addition.

Sam McCorkle
Met his namesake in the fall of 1992, his freshman year at Florida. He struck up a conversation with the future special teams wizard at a keg party one night and found out the real McCorkle was a redshirt freshman on the football team. He noticed the real McCorkle’s SEC championship ring from the 1991 season and was incredulous that a player that redshirted was awarded jewelry. Needless to say, the real McCorkle didn’t like this much and if not for some savvy friends, the beating of a lifetime would have commenced. So it is with great reverence that he writes under the name Sam McCorkle. Our McCorkle is stuck on the left coast of the country but still his heart beats with every gust of wind across Paynes Prairie and every primo burrito served at Burrito Bros.

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