Open letter to Chris Petersen

Dear Chris Petersen,

We’ve been watching your work at Boise State University and have decided that it’s time for a change. We love that you look just like Billy Bob Thornton and have fooled most of America into thinking that you’re a “trickeration” team, when really, you’re a power football offense. I thought it was time to point out of few things to you.

1.) Your team is something like 756-4 in the last 6 seasons and you haven’t sniffed a shot at a National title.

2.) Your team was preseason #3 this year and you lost one game on the road to the #15 ranked BCS team in double OT cause you missed a FG by an inch and now you’re in a Dec. 22 bowl game.

3.) We lost 5 games and looked awful doing it and we’re playing on New Years Day.

4.) Everyone hates your blue turf field. It’s ugly. Seriously.

5.) We haven’t played a non-Saturday game in about 100 years. Your team seems to play just about every day of the week except Saturdays.

6.) Our last coach was from “out yonder” where you are and he did pretty good here.

What time should I pick you up from Gainesville airport?

Don’t bother changing your shirt and tie colors. Orange and Blue looks good on you.

Gator Nation

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51 Responses to Open letter to Chris Petersen

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  2. The Show says:

    Out Freaking Standing!

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  4. James says:

    Professions in which I’d rather live in Idaho than Florida:

    1. Growing Hops
    2. Anything to do with snow

    Professions for which Florida is better:

    1. Everything not mentioned above.
    1a. Yes, even potatoes. Ever been to Hastings?

  5. Drew says:

    We respectfully decline to allow Pete to go to Florida. Gruden might still have a place down there.

  6. Mikrino says:

    Things you don’t have to deal with in Idaho:

    1. Players getting arrested on a routine basis

    2. Hurricanes

    3. Arrogant SEC fans.

    4. Scam Newton, need I say more?

    5. Losing. Let’s face it, winning has it’s own special perks.

    • The Franchise says:

      1.) Ouch. I snickered… but I suppose the track record would indicate that is true.

      3.) SEC fans prefer the term, “Passionate” to arrogant.

      4.) We didn’t want to deal with him, that’s why Auburn bought him 😳 I mean accepted him.

      5.) Not alot of losing going on around these parts either… this year being the outlier.

    • oneoclockshadow says:

      Things you don’t have to deal with in Florida:

      1. Snow

      2. Shoveling Snow

      3. Hoards of pale, ugly people

      4. Hoards of Fat Women

      5. Gloves

      6. Icy Roads

      7. Layers of clothing.

      8. Arrogant Football Fans who think that their team is #1 because they run roughshod through a terrible conference every year and have beaten Oklahoma (who loses their BCS game every year) and TCU (ahem, another mid-major) in BCS Bowls.

      9. Canada

      10. A lack of good looking women

      • kcam says:

        A lack of good looking women

        Your ignorance is showing. Obviously you’ve never been to our state. I’ll give you no. 9, however.

  7. BroncocnorB says:

    Well put. Although, I’m not sure if Coach Pete wants to live in the “swap” climate. I don’t think a multi-million$ contract could tear him from the EPICness of Idaho. The mountains are in his backyard for crying out loud! Dop you have some mountains for Coach Pete?

    • The Franchise says:

      We don’t have anything even resembling a mountain (or a beach for that matter) here in Gaines Vegas, but he make his own mountains with the money we throw at him.

  8. Well played, but you left out a few critical considerations on your letter, which seems to assume that all coaches subscribe to the same theory of what one place a better job than another. So, without further ado, I present to you reasons that work AGAINST Florida’s case:

    1. Petersen isn’t motivated by money, and doesn’t really like the eastern half of the country (see his quote about feeling like he was on “Mars” when he spent a year at Pitt as QB coach)

    2. Petersen IS motivated by making sure his family is happy and content. They are very happy and very content in Boise.
    2A. Ever try to move kids who’ve spent most their lives in one area to another area of the country, away from pretty much everything and everyone they’ve ever known?

    3. While we’d love for Petersen to stay in Boise for the rest of his coaching career, we’re under no illusions that he won’t eventually leave Boise for a different job. He believes that he and his family have a top-notch “fit” in Boise right now, and since money is not his primary motivating factor (family is), whoever eventually lures him from Boise will have to show that they will be a better fit for his family than where he’s at now. Florida probably isn’t that place.

    Finally, on behalf of the rest of Bronco Nation, if you’ve never visited Boise, I suggest you do so. We’re getting pretty tired of everyone treating Boise and the Treasure Valley like a backwoods area with very few people. There are about 600,000 people in the Boise metro area (Treasure Valley). No one will confuse it with Miami, FL…but 600,000 is not exactly small, ahem, potatoes. The city of Boise is a great place to be at, and as far as quality of life goes, the Treasure Valley (Boise on the east, Caldwell on the west) is really hard to beat. The area is pretty much the opposite of it’s reputation as a “remote western backcountry town,” though we will agree with you that it’s basically in the middle of nowhere. No, I’m not a Boise homer – I am personally from the midwest – but I’ve been to Boise a few times recently, and it beats most places I’ve been in pretty easily in terms of attractiveness and quality of life.

    Thanks again for your time and consideration.

    Bronco Nation

    • The Franchise says:

      Dear Bronco Nation,

      You make great points.

      I actually question “Pete’s” fit in Gainesville and with the SEC crazies as well. I can probably guess if you guys had a “down” year at 7-5, life would go on and nobody would be calling for all the coordinator’s heads on sticks.

      Hadn’t heard the “Mars” comment, but he doesn’t strike me as a “next best job seeker” or looking for money. He’s a great coach and from what I can tell, he appears to an even better man.

      But man, would I love to have him down here. It’s just what we need. A great brand of football and a leader the community, campus, and players would respond to.

      • Jefferson Shelton says:

        There are people who get upset when Petersen pulls Moore once the team gets a 40-point lead. If we went 7-5, it would not be pretty. The program hasn’t lost five games since 1998, I think. People wouldn’t know what to do, but I’m pretty sure there would be calls for the DC, OC or HBC’s head on a pike. (All the bandwagoneers would leave, though.)

    • Harkafella says:

      I’m not saying Peterson will be the next Florida coach. I’m not even saying that I want him to be Florida’s next coach. But, I will argue your points…

      1. Everyone is motivated by money. There are only two kinds of people in this world who aren’t motivated by money; (1) Those who already have a shit ton of it and (2) hippies.

      1A. As much as you are proud of Boise and feel disrespected by its unpopular image, you are showing the same disrespect for Gainesville by comparing it to Pittsburgh, PA. You’ve got to be kidding me. Gainesville is a small town with a warm climate and great suburbs to raise a family away from the university. Its home of one of THE best cancer research institutions in the country (kids)and no state income taxes will make that $4M check look that fatter.

      2. Contrary to popular opinion, I firmly believe that taking home a $4M paycheck is considered “taking care of your family”. In fact, I think that Peterson would be doing his family a great disservice by passing up an opportunity like that. Hell, the guy could work hard for a year and if it doesn;t work out – he (and his family) are still set for life.

      2A. Content and happy in Boise? Come on, man. No offense but Boise is a 3rd tier NCAA coaching position. The next step up (2nd tier) would be coaching for a BCS school. The top tier is coaching for a BCS contender.

      If your boss offered you his boss’s job and said that he would quadruple your salary, would you take it? Sure, the new job comes with more responsibility, pressure and stress, but it’s the best job in your profession. Men jump at opportunities like that. Boys decline citing “content” with their easy job.

      2A. Coaches move around all the time. There is more turnover in that industry than any other profession (except prostitution). Coaching opportunities rarely comes without cost of moving. In fact, it’s rare to stay at one school for an extended period of time. This is the life you have to accept when you choose the profession of NCAA football coach. Or, at least until you win a couple BCS titles and bankroll a cool $30M or so like Urban Meyer.

      3. See above. Bosie is nice, I’m sure. But, Gainesville is neither like Pittsburgh or Miami. If you think this is the case, perhaps you are the one who needs to get on a plane and do some traveling?

      • 1. Not true. Money CAN be a motivator, but I know many who would argue that there are other (and BETTER) ways to care for your family than to take the highest paycheck. That comes down to how each person is wired. Florida might be able to pay a dude 4 million a year to come and coach them, but in terms of quality of life, I just don’t see much of a difference between 1.8 million (what Petersen will make next year) and 4 million. Hell, I can’t even get to more than 1.2 million total in terms of things I would want to have and all that – and that includes budgeting for my kids’ college tuition, retirement saving, buying a nice house, and nicer vehicles.

        1A. I did not specifically compare Pittsburgh to Gainesville. I was making a general comment on how the eastern HALF of the country was viewed. I had some rough times in a particular state growing up. Hence, that entire state has a bad taste in my mouth. It’s not fair to that state, but it is an unfortunate side effect of bad experiences there.

        2. Your definition of what tier certain places fall on the coaching pecking order and mine are different. While I understand that many people would view it similarly to how you view it, I and many other people would view a “top tier” position as one that we were happy in and able to provide for our family correctly at…NOT which one provided the most money or the biggest opportunity at national recognition.

        2A. The end result doesn’t always justify the cost. I could move to Hawai’i if I wanted to…but at the cost of not being able to visit my extended family members and taking my family away from everything and everyone they’ve ever known. The COST for that result is just not worth it to me or to many, MANY others in the USA.

        3. Again, I did not compare Gainesville to anything, much less Boise. I have had several job interviews IN Boise – hence the reason I have been there. I have had none in Gainesville, but Florida isn’t exactly on the list of places my wife and I would consider moving to absent a gigantic salary increase (we don’t make millions a year) – too far away from family. Besides, we already have to deal with arctic snaps and tornadoes here and we don’t really want to add hurricanes to the list. I have no basis to compare Boise to Gainesville because I’ve never BEEN to Gainesville – and honestly, I have no real desire to GO to Gainesville unless someone can give me a really good reason to go through the expense of traveling there – like for a job interview.

        I await your reply, Harkafella.

  9. reflectivity says:

    Keep dreamin, Florida. I hear Dan Hawkins is available…

  10. kcam says:

    Wait a minute; let me get this straight. A school from the “Mighty SEC” who constantly sneers at any school in any conference NOT SEC and berates schools like BSU regularly for poor scheduling and non-deserving of any bowl outside of some shitty cold weather bowl now wants our coach?

    • Acu says:

      Where do you think we got Urban Meyer from?

      It’s not Peterson’s fault the Bronco’s never had a chance to go to the BCS title game. Here in the SEC a conference championship means more than anything the WAC could have given him.

      • BroncocnorB says:

        It’s pronounced “PetersEn”

      • Jefferson Shelton says:

        “more than anything the WAC could have given him.”

        Only if by that you mean money and prestige!

        Ah, shit.

        • Acu says:

          There’s a reason why the better teams are leaving the WAC.

          • Jefferson Shelton says:

            I don’t think anyone would deny that the WAC sucks. Even Karl Benson, when he was handing the WAC Championship trophy to the Broncos after the USU game last week, seemed understanding.

            The only difference between the WAC and MWC and the other mid-major conferences is the quality at the top. That, I believe, mostly has to do with there being one major conference in the west, which doesn’t reflect the west’s population. Phoenix wasn’t the fifth most populous city in America when ND was winning all those NCs. It’s demographics, basically – there are too many footballers for too few Pac-10 teams.

    • The Franchise says:

      Can’t defend SEC’ers on this one, HOWEVER, has been a strong supporter of Boise all year. I don’t begrudge their schedule as they can’t control that without leaving their conference to go to one that would put an unnecessary strain on their University and resources.

      I would love to have Boise play in one of the Dec. 28 – Jan. 1 bowls that have some teams that don’t deserve to be there (Tennessee… i’m looking at you), but money talks.

      But yes… you got that right. We are in the “passionate” SEC, aaaaand, yes…we want your coach.

  11. Jefferson Shelton says:

    Excellent use of internets.

    Also, NOOOOOO!!!!!!1!! NO CAN HAZ!!!

  12. Acu says:

    I know how to spell his name. I just made a typo is all.

    P.S. I was at the Nevada game. Had some good times running onto the field there.

  13. Ashtoncole says:

    Thank you for recognizing how great our coach is…. We love him…. win or lose. I was in Utah when Urban coached, and became a Gators fan when he left. I have to say….Boise will hang on to Coach Pete in anyway possible. I think after his young sons bout with cancer, the important things in life became very clear to him. I’m glad an SEC team likes our coach…. just proves how great he really is! Hope Kellen wins the Heisman, as it will just reflect back on Coach Pete!

  14. Kit says:

    Chris Peterson= Boise State

    Boise State > Florida

    I have a feeling that Peterson has a good relationship with Meyers & Dan Hawkins, and I’m pretty sure that they have been huge in Peterson’s decision to stay. Plus BSU will be in the BigXII in a few, which would make him equivalent to JoPa, and I’m pretty sure that’s where every coach wants to be.

    P.S. BSU is the only team that can call him “Pete.” Don’t try to lure him to your pitch-fork armed mob of a fan base and try to make him welcome until he loses a game to ‘Bama. To you he is still Mr. Peterson.

    Good luck on finding a coach, you’ll find a good one. I know that Florida can do without Pete, but right now we can’t.

    • Acu says:

      We’ll trade Addazio for Petersen.

      One offensive genius for another. One thing to note is that Addazio is an outstanding recruiter- perhaps he can land some big names in Boise.


      • Jefferson Shelton says:

        He was the guy in charge of those great Gator offenses from the mid-2000s, right? Yes!

        /handed a piece of paper
        //color drains from face

  15. rico says:

    im not a boise fan but i wanted them to go undefeated and play in a bcs bowl which ever it might have been. i rather not have him as UF coach because it would be like lebron james going ring chasing. his heart is at BSU and want to be the guy who hoist the NC trophy there. For BSU fan and his family he should stay put.

    this wont happen but what if randy Shannon get the job, it would be a satisfying slap to the face of these UM fans. leave ur sorry program for a better one and fan who come to the games.

  16. Kit says:

    What are you going to do with the name of your website? Or are you just going to become a Denver Bronco fan?

    Kyle Whittingham & Dan Mullen are your best options.

  17. James says:

    I don’t think the point is that Florida is a superior state, just that the football program is far superior.

    It would seem like motivated, successful people would want the challenge of competing on the greatest stage (The SEC- but also, look at the landscape of D1 football programs inside our state), which also happens to be the most money.

    It’s at least worth a call from Foley to gauge his interest, and I’d love to have him. Whether he’s too comfortable to always be on the outside looking in (that move from the 2010 WAC to the 2012 MWC is lateral, at best, with other non-AQs going mainstream), or doesn’t want to pursue this level of challenge is a question best left for Petersen to answer.

    BTW, North Florida ain’t Pittsburgh.

  18. The Franchise says:

    I must say…
    This discussion chain is so refreshingly civil and intelligent compared to my normal SEC/FSU/Miami/Ohio State fan threads where at the end I worry about our society as a whole.

    Stay classy Boise! There’s hope after all.

  19. Mikrino says:

    Pete isn’t going anywhere for the next couple of seasons in my opinion. He stated already that it’s great where he’s at. He’s also said he doesn’t know what might happen down the road, but for now he really likes where he and is family are at.

    I agree with some of the comments above about the perception of Boise. The remarks about all the snow, ugly white people, and lack of stuff to do are random at best. Boise also has plenty of 100+ degree weather every year. Just as warm as Florida without the dreaded humidity. Yes it snows. Newsflash: there are a lot of people who enjoy it, especially when a couple world class ski resorts are a short drive away. There’s also plenty of fine looking women around, I’m not really sure where that stereotype came from. Boise also has plenty to do, low crime, good schools, and a wide range of possibilities only limited by what you prefer. Skiiing, kayaking, hiking, nightlife, boating, fishing, hunting and so on.

    I recently visited Florida for the first time. I loved it. So i won’t take anything away from it. but Boise and the surrounding area has its own beauty and qualities that people enjoy, which is why Coach Pete is so comfortable there. I’m sure he’s told constantly that Boiseans wouldn’t mind if he decided he was never going to leave.

    Florida’s a top-notch job, every media outlet keeps telling me so. But your coach just resigned because he was giving too much time to the job and wants to enjoy his family. Coach Pete stays in Boise because he’s able to enjoy his family AND continue to coach. It seems Gainesville wouldn’t allow that to continue. Cal’s DC, Bob Gregory resigned last season and took a job at Boise State as a defensive coach, he took a paycut. His reason; He valued his family time and wanted a job where he could have more of it. boise was the “perfect place” in his mind.

    There’s more to life than college football. Apparently Urban Meyer has figured that out.

    • BSOM says:

      Boise sells itself. I think you are right Mikrino. He just signed a new five year last January. I don’t think he would bail on us.

  20. jvilleg8r says:

    If Petersen is driven in any way there is no way he is “content” at Boise. He’ll never be able to win it all there (all being a BCS Championship) & every person who decides to make coaching their career does it because they want to win it all. Satisfaction is the death of desire.

    • Jefferson Shelton says:

      “Satisfaction is the death of desire.” Indeed, and vice versa.

    • pjohn56 says:

      I would argue that staying at Boise St. would be the very definition of Driven. True competitors are drawn to situations that the masses deem “impossible”.

      I’m here to say that it may very well be impossible. But I think there is just as much reason to think it’s possible as well.

      Someone mentioned the MWC being nothing more than a lateral since Utah and TCU have gone AQ. But that also leaves Boise St. as the heavy favorite for the lone Non-AQ qualifier.

      Now maybe the iron door definitively slams shut on the Non AQ debate in the near future but as of right now, Boise has improved it’s perception in the voters’, coaches, other players’, medias’, and fans’ eyes year in and year out for a stretch now. What I’m getting at is that Coach Petersen may be “Driven” to stay right where he’s at and watch an entire system change around what he has spent the past several years building.

      At any rate, this thing could shake out any number of ways. Word out here is that we should know by Wednesday I guess? Not sure what you guys are hearing on your end.

  21. eric says:

    As an Alabama fan, I would prefer a top notch coach like Mr. Petersen to stay in Boise. As an avid traveller, I would prefer to be there anyway. I pulled for Boise State all year, and would love to see them in the BCS championship game, but alas, I doubt the powers that be would ever let that happen.

    Boise is a great city to live in, great outdoor recreational opportunities in skiing, rock climbing, etc, and lack of humidity. Summers are better than in Florida, and winters are more varied. Also being from the south, near Pensacola, Florida, I have experienced much more beautiful women across the mountain west, with substantially lower obesity rates.

    Anyway, Boise has a great coach in Mr. Petersen and Florida would be smart to try and lure him away.

    • pjohn56 says:

      Man, I love running into reasonable SEC fans (this includes you UF boys as well). We get trolled so much that it’s hard to get a real perspective on the fanbase as a whole and that, inevitably, leads to stereotypes.

      I for one get a little tweaked at myself when I catch myself making assumptions about people I don’t even know so it’s nice to hear a civil tone from you guys and gain a different perspective. You represent your fanbase well.

  22. oneoclockshadow says:

    Just calm down already, Boise. Tebow will be our next Coach. Our next Coach is coming from the OTHER Broncos.

  23. GatorInIdaho says:

    You Boise Staters tore up a few years ago. They’re back at it too.

    The Victory Formation

  24. Troup says:

    I would love to go to a game in Boise. Yes, I know Idaho is beautiful; skiied some deep powder there in the ’90s.

    Now can we have your coach. He’s my #1 choice. Go Gators

  25. Gatorborne says:

    As a Gainesville raised and educated local all I want to say is that I would love to visit Boise. The pictures look awesome and I love to ski every chance I get. There is something to be said for a small Metro area that still has a home town feel with family values. Sounds like a great place. On the same note, I would love to invite you to Gainesville. It’s just a small town with a championship pride. There are great family things to do here like nature walks through the state’s largest and oldest sink hole (water falls are a bonus after it rains), Alligator viewings (use to be able to feed them) at the University’s botanical research lake (Lake Alice), and tubing down a natural spring where the water is so cold fresh that it’s bottled and sold at other sources. Not bad for a town of 100K permanent residents. If you feel like a short 1.5 hour drive you can either fish in the Gulf of Mexico if you go west or sunbath in the country’s oldest city (St. Augustine) to the east. If you ever come to Florida and want to avoid the cost of Orlando for a couple of days, Gainesville is a great place to visit.

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