Ohio State – Home to Slow Football Players and an Ignorant President

The three days before Thanksgiving can be tough at work. You are trying to cram in all the work you’d normally do in five days into three (or two and a half in a lot of cases). At the same time, the holiday looms large and distracts. It is only natural to take your foot of the pedal a little and coast into the long break. So perhaps that’s what happened with Ohio State president E. Gordon Gee. His statements about Boise State, TCU and the sisters of the poor were incredible and are perhaps attributed to his brain taking the whole week off. That’s the only logical excuse.

If you read that rant by some idiot blogger on Bleacher Report or some old, stick-up-his-ass columnist from Alabama, you’d shrug it off. Only people who don’t watch football or have some stake in the establishment can deny what’s been happening for years in college football. If you’ve watched a lot of college football over the past few years, you know the difference between the bigs and smalls is more narrow than ever before. Boise State is an elite program because of a great system, great coaching and great discipline. Wins over Oklahoma, Oregon, Oregon State, Virginia Tech and other BCS conference powers have shown the Broncos deserve some respect. Of the 120 D-I programs in the land, 100 of them would take Chris Petersen as their head coach today (or seriously have to consider it – ahem, University of Florida).

For Gators fans, the similarities between Kellen Moore and a former Heisman Trophy winner should be obvious. Moore has the poise, the leadership and the skills of Danny Wuerrfel. He isn’t flashy, doesn’t have a great arm or great speed, but he’s perfect in his system, makes every throw, rarely turns the ball over and leads his team to win after win.

The most underrated part of the current Boise team is the defense. Especially along the line, the Broncos should be in the conversation for best defenses in the country. They don’t have the biggest or fastest guys, but again, the scheme is tremendous and the discipline is unmatched. Like Moore and the offense, the Boise D rarely makes mistakes.

Gee started his rant by saying “I don’t know enough about the x’s and o’s of college football…”. That is all you need to know about Gee. Like most blowhards (see politicians, national columnists), arrogance gets in the way. His subconcious knew its place, but he is so used to being the boss, being in power, that he just ran his mouth without any substance or facts and ended up showing just how stupid he is on the issue.

There have been many rebukes of Gee’s statements. There have been lots of examinations of how Ohio State’s schedule actually has just as many “little sisters of the poor”. From a Florida perspective, this reminds me a little of how we were treated in the SEC before Spurrier took over the conference. The old blood of the SEC has always hated Florida, much like the nation’s old blood hates Boise State. A brash coach with an exciting system made both schools into periennal winners. But the SEC settles its champion with results on the field. The nation settles its champion with a complex algorithm rigged by those old bloods to virtually guarantee the exclusion of Boise, TCU and others that don’t belong. That’s why the second half of Gee’s comments were perhaps the most enlightening. Gee said “It’s not about this incessant drive to have a national championship because I think that’s a slippery slope to professionalism”. Basically Gee and other stooges and cronies continue to fight for the status quo that rewards the bigs. They will never give into a playoff because the money and power is all on their side. Why would they? The majority of the rich are Republicans because the GOP protects their money and power. The majority of BCS school presidents are the same way.

When Florida lost to Alabama and ended up in the Sugar Bowl last year, there was a palpable fear that a matchup with Boise State would be humilating. The Gators wanted nothing to do with the Broncos. Thankfully, it didn’t happen and the Gators didn’t have to be another scalp on the Boise mantle. That said, I’d love to see a home and home against Boise. Georgia is stepping up next year and of course pounded the Broncos a few years ago. College football would be a wonderful place if more schools, their athletic directors and presidents, had real balls instead of the false bravedo of the old boys’ club.

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