Not So Clutch Like MJ: How One Man Fooled Gator Nation

If you are at all active on twitter within the Florida Gator community you have undoubtedly come across a flamboyant brash user named Ryan who went by the handle @ClutchLikeMJ. Ryan proclaimed to have insider knowledge into Gator Football recruiting, current players, coaching decisions, and even claimed to be a “bag man” for the Gators (i.e. paying recruits to attend Florida). He described himself as a rich kid from Destin, Florida with ties to Hawaii and Ohio.

Many (but not all) UF followers would eat up his content, and Ryan seemed more than excited to supply it. He even started a message board charging fees to be a part of his Gator Gang community. The costs escalated quickly, first $10 and then eventually rising to $100 a year for access. Ryan was a master of manipulation fooling many media members, recruits, players, and coaches on Twitter. He would then post their direct message conversations via a screen capture within the forum giving much of his information some credibility. Along with the access fees associated with his forum, “Ryan” would also sell T-shirts online. It is estimated that through these two “businesses” he amassed nearly $50,000 in sales.

After a while a core group got suspicious of “Ryan” when he would not meet them at Gator Football games. So the research began. This group did a reverse phone search and discovered a name…. “Neil Cool”. The group dug further and discovered, via a voter registration website that Neil Cool’s birthday was February 20th; this aligned with when “Ryan” celebrated his birthday on twitter. They also unearthed Neil’s personal Facebook account and some other information about Neil Cool available on the web including ties to the Paypal account for the forum/t-shirts. Here is a screen capture of the Facebook page belonging to “Ryan”, really known as Neil Cool.


Further sleuthing discovered that “Ryan” was using pictures from a gentleman named Drew Walker. Stealing much of his photographic identity for “Ryan” from Mr. Walker’s Facebook account. Mr. Walker lives in Monroe, Ohio and probably has no idea that Neil Cool stole his pictorial identity. The Ohio connection is an interesting one since “Ryan” often claimed to have ties there.



This whole discovery played out via Twitter last night. In fact the content for this post explaining the situation should be credited to two twitter accounts. Big shout out to @tiepod and @MsMiyayo305.

Also, “Ryan” (really Neil Cool) has deactivated his twitter account. But before he did, he left the following image/”apology” note.



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