Midseason Malaise?

It’s been a tough week for Gator Nation and Bourbon Meyer.  We’ve posted a few emotional articles defending our team, players, and coach, tweeted out some bad rap battle venom, and licked our wounds from two consecutive losses.  The early season buzz when everything seems possible has worn down to what is still mathematically possible if everything goes right for the rest 2010.  But we must remind ourselves that this is college football.  Each game is something special, even if our lofty goals may have diminished.  We can still take pride in taking on a conference rival and maybe even being a thorn in the side.

As for the weekly picks, we’ve tread water again with a 4-4 record last week, leaving us with a disappointing 16-20-1 on the season.  But now we know these teams after everyone has gone through half their schedule.  Of course, so does Vegas, so the lines get even more acute!

This week’s picks have not been filtered by the McCorkle machine, so my neck is on the line!  Sorry Sam!

Here we go:

Oklahoma St +3 T TECH – Pokes haven’t let us down yet.

Texas +10 NEBRASKA – Texas will be up for this game and will keep this close.

MICHIGAN +3.5 Iowa – Taking home dogs after a loss.

VA TECH -22.5 Wake – Tech is doing their normal thing where they lower expectations, then blaze through the ACC.

KENTUCKY +5 Carolina – Classic trap.  It really looks like an easy line for the Cocks.  Take the Cats!

Oregon St +2 WASHINGTON – As long as they keep getting points, we will keep riding the Beavers.

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