Jeff Driskel’s Mom and Girlfriend are Pissed

Saturday’s game versus Florida Atlantic University began the Muschamp era.  Charlie Weis had a good offensive scheme that was designed to minimize John Brantley’s mistakes (he ended up throwing 2 interceptions anyways) and showcase our running back tandem of Jeff Demps and Chris Rainey.  The offense stayed pretty vanilla and put up plenty of points with Demps and Rainey making FAU defenders look like they were standing still.  The defense was swarming and a ton of second and third teamers saw action. Florida pounded FAU 41-3.

One of the biggest surprises of the game was the entrance of Jeff Driskel into the game during the 2nd Quarter. Driskel is the highly touted freshmen QB out of Oviedo.  On behalf of Jeff’s Mom and Girlfriend…someone please tell him to put his mouthpiece in….Exhibit A…

Picture courtesy of Rob C. Witzel/Gainesville Sun

Maybe he was nervous and just forgot to put it in? His first two plays were positive scrambles, which could have ended badly for Jeff’s parents’ dental investment. I am sure they were excited to see him in the game, but I bet they’d prefer all his teeth to be left in his mouth.

Driskel finished 4 of 6 for 42 yards and one interception.  And ran for 8 yards on two carries. Most intriguing statistic? Zero plays with an inserted mouthpiece. COME ON SON!!! Your Mom and Girlfriend are gonna be pissed if you ruin this smile…

The future is bright in Gator Nation. With Auburn and South Carolina having close calls and Georgia getting spanked it appears that the SEC might be a bit down this year. Perhaps the Gators can continue to grow (especially on the offensive side of the ball) and surprise some folks?

Your thoughts on the Gator’s first game of the season? Leave comments below.

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5 Responses to Jeff Driskel’s Mom and Girlfriend are Pissed

  1. Jimmy Burke says:

    I thought the refs usually called a uniform infraction if the QB left his mouthpiece out? I was waiting for the whistle. Didn’t they used to call that one?

  2. Jen says:

    Nice. Who’s Jeff Brantley?

  3. Rick says:

    Never called it last year with Cam Newton. Never had it in.

  4. Seth Jones says:

    I’ve been saying for months that this team will be overlooked, but has a very real chance of shocking the world. After seeing the rest of the SEC and how they faired, I’m even more confident in that statement. JB still needs to improve, Rainey & Demps could be deadly, but it should be fun to watch! Go Gators!

  5. ParadigmShift35 says:

    I want to see what happens when our RBs aren’t wide open in the flat all game. I know I’ve been saying this over and over. But do you think Brantley can make those throws consistently without those outlets?

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