I, for one welcome, our new Buckeye Overlords

Here at bourbonmeyer.com, we are at a crossroads of our sites existence. When the venerable Urban Meyer left the University of Florida twice in the last few years, we were shocked but determined to carry on our tradition of imbibing in sweet tea and bourbon on game days. We threw around names like SwillMuschamp and Will MusCHOMP but ultimately we knew we were sticking with the man who delivered us 2 National Championships and 1 Tebow. Yeah, he dumped us, but it was for his wife and kids, so we don’t hold it against him.

These days rumors are swirling that he is leaving us for someone else.We all thought he turned down his dream job at Notre Dame to join us five years ago. What if his dream job is actually Ohio State? Urban was born in Ohio, played his college ball in Ohio, got his first coaching job and first head coaching job in Ohio. He is an Ohio boy. I think this time he is gone. I honestly believe the conspiracy theories that he only came back in 2010 so that the Gators would have time to find a suitable replacement and now I believe the conspiracy theory that the Buckeyes are keeping interim coach Luke Fickell around just long enough to give Meyer the family time he needed so they can swoop him away in 2012 or 2013.

So now I am getting a head start on the bandwagon jump to THE Ohio State University. First thing I am going to do is google why that “THE” is in the school name. Then I am going to start covering the men’s golf national championship where Ohio State currently sits tied for 5th place, nine spots ahead of the Gators. The women’s rowing team finished 10th in the nation this past weekend. The Gators were nowhere to be found in that competition. I am no longer interested in the Women’s Lacrosse team that made the elite eight in its second year of existence, or the Men’s Baseball team that just won the SEC tournament, or the Women’s Softball team that is a 4 seed in Oklahoma City at the Softball World Series. Let’s dot the I in Ohio and Hang on to Sloopy as we get ready for the rise of Urban Meyer.

What do the bourbonmeyer.com readers think? Will we cover the spread against Akron with Joe Bauserman at QB? How bad of luck does Greg Oden have? If it weren’t for his freak injuries, he would be the best basketball player in the NBA. Isn’t it obvious that Donald Trump hates black people so he didn’t choose OSU class of 1993 graduate Lil Jon to be the new Apprentice?

Gators/Buckeyes, use the comments section below to make your case for which school I should be writing about for the upcoming seasons.

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4 Responses to I, for one welcome, our new Buckeye Overlords

  1. Tim Tebow says:

    I, for one, am glad to see this happen to the no good Buckeyes. It was only a matter of time before they got caught and they’re getting what they deserved, much like USC. We could only hope a joke of a coach (in Kiffin) would go to OSU in ’12-’13 if Fickell doesn’t keep his job. I’m more concerned about the fact that now that OSU is in shambles, any shot of us Gators getting some recruits because of it? We could use a LB or 10. I will say, if Urban is to join “THE” Buckeyes within the next 2-4 years, I will forget anything he brought us. It’s the ultimate lie and betrayal and maybe he DOES belong at the school if that’s the case. I’ll enjoy watching MusSTOMP all over them in the BCS title game, again, if so.

    God Bless.

  2. Jill says:

    I LOVE Urban Meyer – but I will N-E-V-E-R be on the Ohio State band wagon…that’s right I did not capitalize “the.” Take that you buckeye nuts. Go Gators forever!

  3. G8RB8R says:

    Have more faith Gators…remember when SOS jumped ship for the NFL, and everyone thought he was going to be the next Vince Lombardi? Ol’ Stevie boy ended up with the hapless Redskins, and failed without the players he needed to in order to win. The cupboards were bare when he took over. If anyone thinks that Meyer can step into a bankrupt program, ala THE osu, and make it a winner are going to be in for a shock. Ain’t gonna happen, folks. Urbie was the beneficiary of Zook’s superior recruiting skills (too bad his coaching wasn’t on the same level) and had all the right pieces in place for a championship program, when he replaced Zook Not going to even be close to that in Columbus when they come off probation. And, Urbie really does have a health problem in dealing with high stress situations. If he couldn’t deal with whatever stress problems he had at UF, then he certainly will not be able to deal with what will confront him in Columbus after they come off probation. Spurrier had his Wuerffel, Meyer had his Tebow, and neither will ever sees the likes of those 2 kids again. Once Wuerffel was gone, Spurrier could never really come close to ever achieving the accomplishments of 1996. And for Meyer, the year after Tebow leaves, the team begins to fall apart…the actual decline began in the 2nd half of the 2009 SEC Championship Game, and was a downhill skid from there on for 2010. Hey, gotta admit, the fans at South Carolina thought they got a good deal when SOS took over their program, but will never ever win the SEC. Meyer goes to THE osu, he’s going to fail, big time. Outside of the fact the THE osu fans are even more classless than LSU fans, I have no axe to grind with osu, they don’t even register on my radar, but if Meyer turns out to be just as big a liar as Jim Tressel, then we, as the GatorNation, are that much the better off without a person with no honor, and he will then be a good fit for a program and university with no honor. My biggest concern is that Muschamp isn’t a Ron Zook in disguise!

  4. AlB says:

    I think Urban Meyer will be the next head coach at OSU in 2012. there’s nothing to suggest he wouldn’t as you said he’s an Ohio boy. It seems being the head coach at UF isn’t a life long job. Both Spurrier and Meyer left on there own. Maybe a name change is in order before next year ? get in front of it or OSU fans will take over.

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