Happy Bowl Day!

And I find myself here once again.  It’s New Years Day, I’ve had 3 mimosas and I’m watching cars with flowers on them drive down the street to keep my mother-in-law at bay before the games start.  On one of the final days of college football for the year, I find it hard to believe that four months of college football have passed since opening weekend.   There have been upsets and letdowns, controversies and inspiring stories.  As I reflect on the season I start to question the integrity of players while at the same time wondering why we have rules that don’t seem to make sense in this day and age.

At the end of the day, however, it comes down to what happens between the yard lines.  22 young men who have worked their collective asses off in the weight room, on the practice field and in the class room will line up one final time to play for bragging rights and a pretty cool bag of Bowl Game swag.  They will go out today and play the game they love in front of the cheering faithful that have dragged themselves (hangover and all) out of bed to watch.

For those of us who call ourselves fans of this game, we have one more day of glory before we have to fill our time with basketball and baseball while we wait for the next season to start.  One more day of drinking too much.  One more day eating complex carbohydrates and fried food while sitting on the couch.  One more day of yelling at the TV and truly believing that it makes a difference for our teams.

Whatever team you support today, enjoy one of the last days filled with College Football for the season.  Take in every moment, because once June rolls around you’ll be begging for a New Years Day blowout to satisfy your craving.

Happy New Year and GO GATORS!

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