Happy Appy

Have we ever given an FCS team hope of winning in the Swamp?  Looking over the boards, App State fans are actually excited about this game.  Gator fans seem rather fatalistic and apathetic about today’s game. Let’s hope the team has a little more fire and motivation.  Otherwise, this season goes from disappointing to embarrassing faster than you can say BBVA Compass Bowl.

Let’s not forget by the transitive property, Appalachian State is 1-0 against the Gators.  That same year they stunned the Wolverines in the Big House, Michigan took care of the Gators in the What’s in Your Wallet Bowl to end that season.  I suppose it’s hard to be worried when you don’t care.

To the Picks:

USF +3 Pitt.  Can you believe this conference gets an automatic BCS bid?  And both of these pathetic teams can still win that automatic bid?  Ridiculous.  This is about the time that Wannstache craps the bed.  As a Dolphins fan, I know his tendencies well.  He will play conservative even when the Bulls have a 14 point lead with five minutes left today.

Arkansas -3 MISS ST.  Arkansas looks like a team that has improved greatly through the year.  Their offense is unstoppable and the defense, despite the debacle on The Plains, isn’t terrible.  Arky should take this by a TD.

Utah -2.5 SDSU.  Two consecutive setbacks exposed the Utes and their suspect conference.  This week, they are back in conference, but against an improved, yet still less than stellar Aztec squad.  Look for the Utes to bounce back.

Va Tech -2 MIAMI.  Defense will cause problems for the newbie QB.  Just long enough for Harris to come in and throw a couple pickles.  Tyrod and the Hokies march on towards a James Madison ACC Championship.

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