Glad to be a part of Our Two Bits!

Just a passionate, well versed Florida alumnus trying to make it in this world. That was just a quick sentence to describe myself.

I consider myself well versed in Gator athletics and Gator academics. I never really cared for the food at Gator Dining but I love Satchel’s Pizza. I am old enough to remember The Purple Porpoise and when Bennigan’s was the best Happy Hour spot in town. I play in a softball league in my spare time, enjoy fine craft beer, and love all things Atlanta sports (yes, I was a Hawks fan before they became good and now I am a sad Braves fan).

Thanks to the Our Two Bits staff for allowing me the opportunity to be a contributor for the artist formerly known as Bourbon Meyer.



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  1. Alex says:

    Hi Sam Thanks for the nice comments, I’m very glad to hear Spade is hepnilg you out. Trello doesn’t currently have an option to let the public add cards only vote and comment. I’ve created a card based on your request: -Steve Cadwallader

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