Get Out and Vote (BM Top 25)

We’re a day late with our weekly Bourbon Meyer Top 25 poll but figured it appropriate to hold the post until Election Day. It got us thinking, what if we decided our electoral fate with a BCS-type system? You could say the Electoral College fits along those lines. The computers obviously would favor Harry Reid over Sharron Angle in the Nevada Senate campaign based on strength of schedule. Reid would get a boost from battling the tough-minded GOP in the Senate the past two years while Angle would suffer from the weaker competition in the Nevada assembly. The Harris Poll would favor Jerry Brown over Meg Whitman in the CA gubernatorial race because Brown is old as fuck (like all the Harris voters) and the fact that no Harris Poll voter knows how to use EBay. So buck up America, things could be worse.

In the only voting that truly matters, the college football landscape is narrowing. Oregon is now a clear favorite to get to the BCS title game. But beyond the Ducks, the nation is divided. Everyone is still waiting for Auburn to fail, something that is likely only going to be decided when they meet Alabama. The winner of that game has a good shot at matching up with Oregon. Boise State, TCU and Utah are third-party candidates in our two-party college football world. Don’t be surprised if Chris Petersen brings Ross Perot up to Boise for a pep talk. 

1. Oregon
2. Auburn
3. Boise State
4. TCU
5. Alabama
6. Utah
7. Wisconsin
8. Ohio State
9. Nebraska
10. Stanford
11. Oklahoma
12. LSU
13. Missouri
14. Arizona
15. Michigan State
16. Oklahoma State
17. Iowa
18. Arkansas
19. South Carolina
20. Mississippi State
21. Virginia Tech
22. Baylor
23. Nevada
24. NC State
25. Florida State

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