Gators vs K State Basketball Recap

So the lowly Gators upset the #6 ranked Kansas State Wildcats 57-44 today. I watched most of the game and have some observations. First off let’s point out that the Gators aren’t as bad as people are making them out to be. They dropped out of the rankings after two brutal losses. Ohio State took them to the woodshed and UCF pulled off a decent sized upset. Both those losses seem somewhat excusable as Ohio State has solidified itself as one of the top teams in the nation and the UCF Jordans have gone undefeated so far. Florida may still be a top ten team by years end.

The Gators got off to a pretty terrible start as they did not score for the first 7 minutes of the game. A veteran team like Florida can not sustain long droughts like that. They have to be able to settle themselves down and get the ball inside to Macklin for high percentage shots. Anything to knock the lid off the hoop.

The K State offense was horrible tonight. They embarrassed Angry Frank in front of his friends and families. I don’t envy them for the plan ride home. Mostly cuz home for them is Kansas.

Alex Tyus needs to do something. I don’t care what. Just do something about your head. It might help to lose the headband. No need to point out to casual observers where a hairline would normally start.

Kenny Boynton sure caught fire there in the second half. He hit a couple of heat check threes in a row and really blew the game open. Is he going to be able to keep that up consistantly? If he can, this team got a lot more dangerous.

These Gators freshman don’t look half bad. At least they look like college basketball players, unlike Chandler Parsons 3 years ago. But on that note, Parsons looks like a man these days. It took him three years but he is no longer the goofy lanky white boy on the court.

Lastly and most importantly, this is a signature out of conference win for this team. Come tourney time when the committee is evaluating the crappy SEC and trying to figure out which of the 9-7 teams deserve to go to the big dance, they will be able to point to this one and say we should be there.

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