Gators Trolling the Georgia Bulldogs Hard

Earlier this season the following billboard showed up in Gainesville…

That billboard angered Gator Nation. And it ended up being removed pretty quickly. Of course the Gators eeked one out against Texas A&M in College Station 20-17.

Well earlier this week, Gator Nation took a shot directly at Georgia. The following full page ad showed up in Georgia’s student newspaper…

(h/t to @SDS for the photo)

Here at Our Two Bits we applaud the trolling. To Hell with Georgia!!! Let’s just hope that we back it up on the field. Go Gators!

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2 Responses to Gators Trolling the Georgia Bulldogs Hard

  1. concerned gator says:

    Hurricane sandy will nullify our special teams advantage. We shouldn’t be trolling.

  2. ufl1138 says:

    In other news — Georgia has a newspaper!?

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