Gators Look Out, It’s a Trap

It has been a long time since the Swamp rocked like it did on Saturday night and Gator fans strutted around with their heads held high. Gator Nation hasn’t felt that level of joy and pride in its team since the morning of December 5, 2009. It was a long-time coming and it felt damn good.

The evidence is mounting that this team is a damn good football team. The Gators are 5-0 for the first time since 2009 and have now defeated two straight ranked opponents after losing the previous nine before that. UF has started 4-0 in the SEC for the 8th time in the past 20 years. The previous seven times? They won the SEC East each time and the conference six of those (only 2009). The defense we all suspected could be pretty good is 6th in the nation in scoring, including an NCAA best zero points allowed in the fourth quarter. The kicking game is the best in the country. And even the team’s weak link has showed some brilliance at times. Since 1985, the only Gator offenses to average more than 200 yards rushing per game were those that featured Tim Tebow or Emmitt Smith… until this year. The 2012 Gators are 24th in the country in rushing per game at 215.

We’ve seen the improvements with our own eyes. The record and the statistics back it all up. The Gators are back in the top 5 of the polls and get a down Vanderbilt team before finishing the October gauntlet with South Carolina and Georgia. So why am I so antsy this week?

This game has flashing red lights and sirens all over it. Team coming off huge, emotional win at home travels out of state for the last time this season to face perennial conference doormat they haven’t lost to since 1988. The sandwich game before said team faces another stiff challenge in a game that may determine the SEC East champion against a team that has beaten them two years in a row and is coached by their former coach and school legend. This is the mother of all trap games.

There are positives. Everyone in Gainesville knows it is a trap game and should be well prepared for a hostile rock fight in Nashvegas. Vanderbilt upset Missouri last week so that should have the attention of the players. And although the Gators are coming off the big win, they have surely watched some game film that was not pleasant (first half offense, pass blocking, defensive lapse in the secondary that was bailed out by Elam’s strip). Lastly and maybe most importantly, it is a night game and not one of the those patented early kickoffs the Gators have snoozed through over the years.

But Gator Nation needs to be prepared for another white-knuckler on Saturday. Vanderbilt has played Florida tough throughout the years and the Gators have shown a true disdain for first half impressions. Even in the great years, Florida has had a history of falling prey to one unforeseen SEC foe every year, although it is almost always an SEC West team. So, as Winston Wolf so eloquently put it:

Here’s this week’s OTB Top 25:

1. Alabama
2. Oregon
3. South Carolina
4. Kansas State
5. Florida
6. Notre Dame
7. West Virginia
8. Ohio State
9. Oregon State
10. Louisville
11. LSU
12. Mississippi State
13. Oklahoma
14. Southern Cal
15. Rutgers
16. Texas
17. Louisiana Tech
18. Florida State
19. Georgia
20. Stanford
21. Texas A&M
22. Ohio
23. Cincinnati
24. Clemson
25. Texas-San Antonio

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