Gators fans Rock The Vote!

Gator athletic teams are doing quite well right now. The Men’s basketball team is #6 in the nation and has a chance to go to 8 straight elite eights. The seniors have a good chance to break the all time wins record for a class. The Men’s and Women’s swimming and diving teams are both ranked in the top 10. The Gymnastics team is currently #3 in the nation as they defend the national championship. These are all great things that I would love to hear about.

You know what I don’t want to hear about right now? The 2013 Gator football team, especially their loss to Georgia Southern, and ESPECIALLY Quinton Dunbar and Jonotthan Harrison blocking each other on a play where the Gators scored a touchdown! We scored a touchdown, I don’t care if they did an Irish jig at midfield.

That play occurred November 23rd. That is just over 2 months ago and yet I have to be reminded of that play and that season every Friday on SportsCenter when they show their Not Top Ten of the week. Every week the Gators “epic fail” gets voted the Worst of the Worst. It has been 9 consecutive weeks now and I am sick and tired of hearing about it.

So here is what we need to do Gator Nation. This upcoming Friday we rock the vote. We get Harrison and Dunbar off of SportsCenter. We allow the reporters to stop making stupid Muschamp references every week when they show the clip. We vote for whatever idiotic thing that happens this week to save face for Gators everywhere.

Take to facebook, take to twitter, take to myspace if you have to. #FreeDunbar @QuintonDunbar1 #FreeHarrison #FreeMuschamp @CoachWMuschamp #GatorsRockTheVote at this upcoming Friday. Spread the word!

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