Gator or Liberty?

For a program and a fanbase accustomed to big time bowl games with dates on New Year’s Day or later, the prospects of a lesser-tier trip this year are rancid. But four losses and staring at five means the Gators can say goodbye to the usual holiday destinations.

Amazingly, they can still sneak into a New Year’s Day bowl, though. The Gator Bowl in Jacksonville against a team from the Big 10 isn’t terrible given all that has transpired. But the only way that’s a possibility is if the Gators defend their home turf (yes, we own Bobby Bowden, er Ron Zook field). The Noles haven’t reached the depths the Gators hit after the Mississippi State and South Carolina games, but they’ve had a shaky 2010. Bobby’s ghost has haunted them at times, leading to an inconsistent mess. Both teams wobble in Joke Shamble with the masses wondering which squad will show up.

That said, it’s FSU. It’s our biggest rival, at least for me personally since I grew up in the 80s in South Florida at a time when the bandwagon was overflowing with Criminoles and Douchebags (Hurricane fans). It is for the defacto state championship (sorry UCF). And damn it, it’s for the Gator Bowl instead of the Liberty Bowl. Florida in the Liberty Bowl? Yeessshh.

Quick notes about this week’s BM poll… after constant shakeup with the first few polls, things have settled in. The top 7 or 8 have been pretty consistent. It’s made things a little dull across the nation and continues to only strength the case of playoff advocates.

1. Oregon
2. Auburn
3. Boise State
4. TCU
5. Wisconsin
6. Stanford
7. LSU
8. Ohio State
9. Oklahoma State
10. Michigan State
11. Alabama
12. Arkansas
13. Oklahoma
14. Missouri
15. Virginia Tech
16. Nebraska
17. Nevada
18. South Carolina
19. Texas A&M
20. NC State
21. FSU
22. Arizona
23. Utah
24. Iowa
25. Mississippi State

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