Gator Nation Preseason Poll

The countdown has begun.  College Football is upon us.  Gator Nation, are you bearish or bullish on the Gators?…

How many wins will the Gators finish with in the 2011-2012 season?

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How many passing TDs will John Brantley finish the season with?

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What position player will finish with the most total TDs?

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Where will the Gators finish in the final AP Poll?

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5 Responses to Gator Nation Preseason Poll

  1. GATORDEE says:

    Not expecting a great year by any means. Too young, tuff schedual, new staff. However, I would not be surprised if our defense kept us in a few of the bigger games that we have a punchers chance to exceed my expectations.

  2. G8R8U2 says:

    We shouldn’t do any worse than last year when we won 8 games. The defense will be considerably stronger, and the offense couldn’t possibly be worse; so I’d be satisfied with 8 wins, but wouldn’t be surprised at more. Anything over 8 in a transition year of this magnitude is gravy. Fortunately for us, we’re actually changing from a philosophy that didn’t suit our QB to one that suits him perfectly, which is unusual in these situations. Usually the QB is already playing in his ideal scheme and is changing to something that is awkward or new to him with a coaching change… with Brantley it’s the opposite, so I’m optimistic.

  3. Granitegator says:

    The Gator’s Got Talent! Gator fans remember this: the Dazz is now at Temple.
    Imagine that Deonte Thompson hangs onto a few balls this year a la the Sugar Bowl–never mind that we have Franky Hammond, Jordan Reed, Andre Debose, Quinton Dunbar, et al. Suppose Omarius Hines morphs into an Aron Hernandez and runs over somebody? Imagine that John Brantley finds where he left his cache of confidence. Does anybody doubt his ability? Imagine that the team plays as a unit; they seem to enjoy playing together–unlike last year. Forget Jeffery Demps. We have Chris Rainey. And who do we play that can match our skill players across the borad? ‘Bama is not the same team it was last year. SC was a fluke. We have a virtual week off before FSU. Life is good. We are the Gators!

  4. ofmgator says:

    If we split the four October games we can go 9-3 or better. Coaching improvements will make the difference and we will be a team to be reckoned with.

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